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Trellist Marketing and Technology provides intelligent business solutions for global, national, and regional clients across various industries. The firm offers professional services through its five divisions: Consulting, Branding and Marketing, Digital, Enterprise Technology, and Staffing. Trellist and its five divisions utilize a unique collective approach which is built to serve its clients as well as the employees who share ownership in the company.

Trellist Amping Up Electrical Distributor’s Brand

<p>Trellist recently completed a brand assessment for a national distributor of commercial electric supplies to evaluate the company&rsquo;s position in the marketplace and identify strategic opportunities for further brand development. The firm conducted the assessment &ndash; including competitive analysis, stakeholder interviews, and audits of current marketing practices, brand identity, and marketing materials &ndash; in order to define the value and return on investment of redeveloping the company&rsquo;s brand before proposing a comprehensive brand strategy.&nbsp;</p> <p>Based on the findings of the brand assessment, Trellist has initiated an update of the company&rsquo;s visual identity, including the development of a new logo and tagline that more effectively convey the values, foundations, and equity of its brand.</p>
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Clients’ SEO Positioning Takes Flight under New Google Algorithm

Trellist has enhanced its SEO services to include strategies that help increase clients&rsquo; search engine visibility through Google&rsquo;s new Hummingbird search algorithm. The firm will help clients structure content for better positioning in search results through the algorithm, which focuses on the increased use of conversational search (&ldquo;Where&rsquo;s the closest place to buy the new smartphone?&rdquo;). Trellist is currently providing high-level consultative SEO services, including strategies for the Hummingbird algorithm, to an industry-leading life sciences and technology company as part of a larger engagement that includes brand strategy, website design, and user experience.
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Trellist Offers Guidance to Emerging Small Businesses in Delaware

<p>To help Delaware small businesses develop and refine their strategies, Trellist is participating in the Digital Compass program through the Delaware Small Business &amp; Technology Development Center (DSBTDC). Sponsored by the DSBTDC, and funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, The University of Delaware, the Delaware Economic Development Office, and Delaware State University, the program matches small businesses with established businesses like Trellist who act as advisors to diagnose problems and provide solutions for the businesses to maximize the success of their projects.</p> <p>Through the program, Trellist will provide consulting and strategic services for high-potential small businesses in industries such as biotech, healthcare, and consumer products. Trellist anticipates long-standing involvement in the quarterly program to help provide high-level consulting services to small businesses throughout Delaware.</p>
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Global Investment Innovator Enlists Hybrid Solution from Trellist

A leading provider of investment management platforms is working with Trellist to create a series of eLearning courses to help their associates and clients better utilize the features of their new flagship product. Trellist created a hybrid solution featuring a balanced blend of internal and external resources &ndash; providing on-site, full-time project managers and instructional designers to work with internal subject matter experts and creative developers to implement the courseware. In addition, Trellist will help with internal marketing to raise awareness of the eLearning courses among the client&rsquo;s employees. Trellist will also provide creative and consultative support on an as-needed basis. The client selected Trellist based on the firm&rsquo;s extensive experience in eLearning and the financial sector.
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Philadelphia Marathon Includes Two Trellist Runners

<p>Trellist was proud to have two of its employees, Chris Wallace and Jordan Wallach, among the 30,000 runners in the Philadelphia Marathon on November 17. Chris ran the 13.1-mile Half Marathon, while Jordan competed in the full 26.2-mile race. Runners were greeted at the finish line with a high-five from Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter.</p> <p> &ldquo;It&rsquo;s always a great event with an amazing turnout. There was no way I was going to miss it,&rdquo; said Jordan, marking his third consecutive year running the marathon for Trellist. &ldquo;Besides, where else can you get a high-five from the mayor of Philadelphia?&rdquo;</p>
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Global Manufacturer Improves Social Business Practices with Help from Trellist

Trellist recently delivered strategic recommendations to a leading technology-based manufacturer on how to successfully establish corporate social business practices. These recommendations were aimed at maintaining global brand consistency for the company, with the flexibility to meet the needs of its widely varied business units in diverse markets worldwide. Trellist&rsquo;s social business presentation included best practices for corporate structure, current trends and methodologies in social media, change management methods, resource requirements, and software portfolio options. Following Trellist&rsquo;s recommendations, the company will conduct extensive testing against social strategies, with the goal of enabling social practices across their global business units. The company chose Trellist based on the firm&rsquo;s successful development of social business strategies and its established relationships with industry leaders in enterprise social media management systems.
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