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Global Pizza Franchise Extends Strategic Engagement with Trellist


A global pizza franchise has renewed its strategic support engagement with Trellist through 2022. The client, which maintains business locations in all 50 U.S. states and in 44 countries and territories worldwide, has relied on Trellist to direct the company's implementation and expansion of the Sprinklr customer experience management (CXM) platform, as well as the onboarding and training of other partner agencies since 2018.

Trellist plays a vital role in scaling the client's use of Sprinklr for its global markets through the platform's Listening, Reporting, Customer Care, and Content Marketing modules. The initiative includes supporting the company's digital presence, not only in the U.S. but in Europe, the Middle East, and select Asian markets.

"We've expanded our relationship with the client to be a true extension of their team for all things Sprinklr," says Tyler Holloway, Consulting and Account Lead for Sprinklr services at Trellist. "They're using Sprinklr in an advanced way and their team is very savvy, but they're relying on us for consulting, customization, and optimization of the platform, as well as issue resolution."

Trellist is helping the client monitor and manage its reputational and customer support functions across all digital channels—uncovering conversations, routing comments, and escalating issues based on the reach or influence of the person posting them. Trellist also installed dashboards and reporting in the Sprinklr environment to monitor job performance of the company's customer service agents operating on social media.

Another dimension of the relationship is the assistance Trellist has provided in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"From the start, we were tracking mentions of COVID-19 and the volume of comments related to individual locations, which helped guide the client's safety procedures, including contactless delivery," says Holloway. "On the basis of the information we gathered through our social listening expertise, we were able to have a positive impact on the policies they rolled out worldwide."

Trellist is currently participating in executive planning meetings with the client to help develop strategies, goals, and objectives to support the continued expansion of the account in 2021.

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