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About Trellist

Trellist Marketing and Technology provides intelligent business solutions for global, national, and regional clients across various industries. The firm offers professional services through its five divisions: Consulting, Branding and Marketing, Digital, Enterprise Technology, and Staffing. Trellist and its five divisions utilize a unique collective approach which is built to serve its clients as well as the employees who share ownership in the company.

Standing Behind Small Businesses: Trellist Helps Define Their Digital Presence

Trellist is engaged with multiple local small businesses in the Wilmington-Philadelphia area. Most recently, these clients have sought assistance with updating their digital presence to continue engaging with their audiences—from UX-centric website redesigns, to multi-channel digital advertising, and email templates.
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Trellist Partners with CMS Visionary, E-Spirit

Trellist has entered a partnership with e-Spirit, a leader in the headless and hybrid Content Management System (CMS) space that includes personalization and localization services.
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Trellist Continues to Build Analytics and Reporting Practice Working with Fortune 50 Client

Trellist has entered into a new relationship with one of the largest technology corporations in the world—employing more than 145,000 people—to offer brand tracking strategy and data-driven recommendations for owned PR efforts.
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Industry Innovator: Trellist® Behind Ecosystem of Automotive and Motorsports Products

After identifying several gaps in the automotive and motorsports industry, Trellist has taken their expertise to the next level by co-founding Andy Lally ALIVE®: a digital product and services company that brings Innovations, new Ventures, and consumer Experiences to life.
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Trellist Partners with a Top-Selling US Consumer Brand

Trellist was selected by a category-leading dairy processor to redefine and enhance its online brand voice and align it with the company’s recently refreshed brand and market positioning.
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Trellist Helps Position Delaware for Growth

Trellist recently entered into an exciting agreement with the lead economic development resource for Delaware, with the mission of attracting new businesses that will call the state their home.
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