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Mar 21, 2023

Trellist Inc. Celebrates Certified Veteran Owned Business Status

Trellist Inc. is proud to announce its recognition as a certified veteran-owned business by the National Veteran Business Development Council (NVBDC). Full Story
Sep 07, 2021

Trellist's Digital Strategy Services Help Drive a Travel Industry Comeback

It's no surprise that the travel industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, but fortunately business is starting to rebound, and Trellist is helping its newest client make their own comeback. We're working with a global leader in the digital travel shopping industry to reevaluate and revamp their B2B social business strategy. Full Story
Aug 16, 2021

Trellist Becomes Strategic Agency for Innovative Financial Services Company

Trellist is excited to announce that we have become the strategic agency for an innovative fintech company that is backed by some of the largest names in the financial services industry. The client provides a cash management account that combines banking, saving, and investing into a single financial product, which it develops and brands for partners (asset managers, wealth advisors, and organizations) to offer to their clients and members. Full Story
May 18, 2021

Trellist Lands Engagement with New Financial Services Client

Trellist is pleased to announce that we have partnered with a new financial services client to help transition their marketing automation to a new platform. Our initial effort will include facilitating the company's migration to HubSpot for email broadcasts. Full Story
May 05, 2021

Trellist Builds Relationship with New Low-Carbon Client

Trellist is proud to announce that we have secured an opportunity with a new client devoted to sustainability and contributing to a low-carbon economy. Our team will establish a formal social media presence for the company and help promote their mission. Full Story
Apr 13, 2021

Trellist Breaks into the Energy Technology Space with New Client

Trellist is excited to announce that we're now providing professional services to the energy sector through a new engagement with a leading global energy technology company. Trellist will build and execute a digital marketing strategy for the client's Equipment & Process Solutions business, an area of service that is critical to the growth of the company. Full Story
Mar 22, 2021

Trellist Expands into Personal Care Space with New Client

Trellist is pleased to announce that it has extended its services to the personal care industry through a new engagement with a B2B2C client. Trellist will provide social business consulting to help the company build awareness of its branded products and engage both new and existing customers. Full Story
Mar 09, 2021

Trellist Lands New Social Media Opportunity with Leading Pharmaceutical Company

Trellist Marketing and Technology is pleased to announce that it has partnered with a leading pharmaceutical company for a new social media marketing engagement. As part of this contract, Trellist will develop a social media strategy and provide creative execution to promote the company's novel dermatological therapy. Full Story
Feb 19, 2021

Trellist Extends Its Partnership with a Leading Healthcare System

Trellist Marketing and Technology is pleased to announce that it has extended its partnership with one of the nation's top-ranked healthcare systems. As part of this growing engagement, Trellist will assist the system's obstetrics and gynecology division with the development of a new patient-support website. Full Story
Feb 02, 2021

Maria Gunther Appointed CEO as Trellist Announces Leadership Progression

Trellist Marketing and Technology is thrilled to announce the appointment of Maria Gunther as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). As part of this transition, Trellist founding partner and longtime CEO David Atadan will become Chief Ventures Officer, while continuing to hold the role of Chief Operations Officer, and serve on the firm's Board. Full Story
Jan 28, 2021

Trellist Expands Small Business Services to West Chester, Pennsylvania

Trellist Marketing Technology is pleased to announce that it has been selected as agency of record by a West Chester, Pennsylvania-based advisory group following a competitive bidding process. Full Story
Jan 13, 2021

Global Pizza Franchise Extends Strategic Engagement with Trellist

A global pizza franchise leader has renewed its strategic support engagement with Trellist through 2022. The client, which maintains business locations in all 50 U.S. states and in 44 countries and territories worldwide, has relied on Trellist to direct the company's implementation and expansion of the Sprinklr customer experience management (CXM) platform, as well as the onboarding and training of other partner agencies since 2018. Full Story
Dec 09, 2020

Trellist Welcomes Pharma Industry Veteran Tiffany Hamilton as Corporate Communications and Branding Leader

In support of its vision for enhanced client services and smart growth, Trellist Marketing and Technology is pleased to welcome Tiffany Hamilton as Practice Area Leader for Corporate Communications and Branding. Full Story
Nov 24, 2020

Trellist Partners With Another Leading Global Financial Industry Client

Trellist Marketing Technology is pleased to announce that it has added another Fortune 500 company to its growing roster of financial services clients. With more than $700 billion in assets under management, the new client provides insurance and investment products to customers in more than 25 countries and territories worldwide. Full Story
Nov 13, 2020

Trellist Expands Geographic Footprint with New Office in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Trellist Marketing and Technology has announced plans to open a new office in West Chester, Pennsylvania. The 5,300-square-foot facility, located at 44 West Gay Street in the city’s historic downtown district, will serve as a flexible hub with dedicated, shared, and reserved work spaces. Full Story
Nov 02, 2020

Former New York Times Digital Strategist Sacha Awwa Joins Trellist as CMO

Trellist Marketing and Technology is pleased to announce that Sacha Awwa has joined the firm in the dual role of Practice Area Leader for Digital Marketing Strategy and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Awwa is responsible for supporting end-to-end market growth for Trellist clients as well as providing guidance for Trellist's packaged services and product strategies. Full Story
Oct 20, 2020

Top UX/UI Designer Abbey McCoy Joins Trellist, Bringing Depth to Client Services

Trellist is pleased to announce that Abbey McCoy has joined the company as Practice Area Leader for Product Experience Strategy. In this role, McCoy will guide Trellist clients toward a deeper understanding of their targeted users’ actions and intentions when using digital products, including websites, apps, and intranets. Full Story
Oct 14, 2020

Trellist Celebrates 25 Years of Empowering Client Success

Trellist Marketing and Technology, a Wilmington, Delaware-based provider of performance-driven marketing and technology solutions, marks 25 years in business this month. Founded in 1995 with the vision of providing intelligent solutions through innovation and collaboration, Trellist has maintained decades-long partnerships with many of its clients, including regional businesses and Fortune 500 organizations, spanning industries from healthcare and financial services to manufacturing and motorsports. Full Story
Sep 30, 2020

Trellist Establishes Partnership with Fast-Growing Credit Union

Trellist is pleased to announce that it has initiated a digital marketing engagement with a growing credit union in the Mid-Atlantic region. Trellist will provide full-service channel strategy, design, development, and execution services for an acquisition campaign to supporting the credit union's revamped credit card offerings. Full Story
Sep 29, 2020

Trellist to Help Launch Banking Platform with "Right Place, Right Time" Communications Strategy

Trellist has engaged with a super-regional bank to support the launch of its new business banking platform. In collaboration with the client's internal teams, Trellist will develop user guides, emails, landing pages, banners, and other digital enhancements that will ensure the bank's commercial customers understand the benefits of the new platform and transition to it effortlessly. Full Story
Sep 15, 2020

Trellist Lands a Prime Social Partnership

Trellist's Social Business practice has embarked on a social listening strategy and support services contract with one of the world's largest online retailers. Full Story
Sep 10, 2020

Trellist Enables Social Listening and Provides Insights to Support Product Launch

Trellist has partnered with the market leader in outdoor cooking equipment and accessories to provide social listening, reporting, and insights related to an upcoming product launch. Full Story
Jun 08, 2020

Trellist Announces Partnership with Poppulo

Trellist is pleased to announce the formation of a strategic partnership between our company and Poppulo, a global leader in enterprise communications technology. Full Story
May 27, 2020

Trellist Supports an Agriscience Leader with Change-Enablement Communications

Trellist has partnered with a global agriscience leader to provide communications strategy, messaging, and design for a variety of IT change-enablement initiatives. As the company embarks on a sweeping digital transformation, Trellist is crafting timely, targeted, and engaging internal communications that help employees understand what to expect, reinforce the centrality of change to the company’s future, and answer the essential question of “what’s in it for me?” Full Story
Apr 21, 2020

Standing Behind Small Businesses: Trellist Helps Define Their Digital Presence

Trellist is engaged with multiple local small businesses in the Wilmington-Philadelphia area. Most recently, these clients have sought assistance with updating their digital presence to continue engaging with their audiences—from UX-centric website redesigns, to multi-channel digital advertising, and email templates. Full Story
Apr 09, 2020

Trellist Partners with CMS Visionary, E-Spirit

Trellist has entered a partnership with e-Spirit, a leader in the headless and hybrid Content Management System (CMS) space that includes personalization and localization services. Full Story
Mar 09, 2020

Trellist Continues to Build Analytics and Reporting Practice Working with Fortune 50 Client

Trellist has entered into a new relationship with one of the largest technology corporations in the world—employing more than 145,000 people—to offer brand tracking strategy and data-driven recommendations for owned PR efforts. Full Story
Jan 20, 2020

Industry Innovator: Trellist® Behind Ecosystem of Automotive and Motorsports Products

After identifying several gaps in the automotive and motorsports industry, Trellist has taken their expertise to the next level by co-founding Andy Lally ALIVE®: a digital product and services company that brings Innovations, new Ventures, and consumer Experiences to life. Full Story
Sep 16, 2019

Trellist Partners with a Top-Selling US Consumer Brand

Trellist was selected by a category-leading dairy processor to redefine and enhance its online brand voice and align it with the company’s recently refreshed brand and market positioning. Full Story
Jul 16, 2019

Trellist Helps Position Delaware for Growth

Trellist recently entered into an exciting agreement with the lead economic development resource for Delaware, with the mission of attracting new businesses that will call the state their home. Full Story
Jul 09, 2019

Trellist Hires Melanie Schilling as Chief Financial Officer

Trellist Marketing and Technology is pleased to announce that Melanie Schilling has joined the company as Chief Financial Officer. Full Story
May 21, 2019

Trellist Partners with a Pharmacogenomics Leader

In an exciting development, Trellist has begun an engagement with an innovative Philadelphia-based leader in genetic laboratory interpretation and reporting services. Full Story
Oct 25, 2018

Trellist Deepens Its Services Expertise Through Microsoft OneDrive

Trellist is deepening its services expertise as we lead a Fortune 500 client to implement effective cloud-based file management via Microsoft OneDrive. Full Story
Oct 19, 2018

Small and Emerging Business Division Leader Tyler Holloway Speaks at Rowan University

Tyler Holloway, Trellist Project Management and Account Services, joined a panel of fellow members of the Philadelphia Advertising Club on October 15 to address a group of about 100 students at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. Full Story
Oct 11, 2018

North America’s Largest Chlorine and Bleach Manufacturer Selects Trellist for Multimedia Services

Trellist has just won the bid to work with North America’s largest chlorine and bleach manufacturer located in Delaware City, DE. This opportunity is the result of a referral from one of our employees to provide multimedia production services for their family member’s company. Full Story
Aug 02, 2017

Trellist and Visual Innovations Announce Strategic Partnership

Trellist and Visual Innovations announce the formation of a strategic partnership. The partnership will combine Trellist’s innovative approach to marketing and technology solutions with Visual Innovations’ state-of-the-art approach to creative video production. Full Story
Jul 05, 2017

Trellist Partners with Insurance and Employee Benefits Company

Trellist has partnered with an insurance and employee benefits company based in Doylestown, PA. The company provides a full range of inbound and outbound international health insurance plans as well as associated benefits and services to students. Trellist will provide a full suite of creative, marketing, technology, consulting, and development services. Full Story
May 03, 2017

Trellist Partners with Rock and Roll Drummer Kenny Aronoff

Trellist has partnered with legendary musical artist, Kenny Aronoff to provide support for all of Aronoff’s marketing and technology efforts, including enhancing his digital presence, refining his brand positioning and go-to-market strategy as a public speaker, and promoting his various endeavors, including public speaking, touring, recording, books, and a documentary. Full Story
Apr 19, 2017

Trellist Creates and Manages Social Media Content for Student Loan Company

An innovative student loan company sought a partner to help increase organic social media reach and provide compelling content to its core audience of college students, college graduates, and the parents of college-bound students. Trellist created social media calendars that incorporated engaging social media content, interesting and timely blog posts, attention grabbing branded social media images, and strategic reposts. Full Story
Apr 12, 2017

Trellist Increases Engagement Among Financial Services Company’s Customers

Trellist recently delivered multi-channel assets for a financial services company’s loyalty campaign. Components of the campaign included a segmentation strategy, messaging, creative and code development for emails, banners, and splash pages for the company’s website. Full Story
Mar 29, 2017

Trellist Creates Rewards Product Video for Financial Services Company

Trellist recently developed a compelling 90-second video designed to help educate cardholders about the financial services company’s rewards product. The video captured the product benefits using real-life scenarios in a video game format that cardholders could appreciate, told through the perspective of a mother. Full Story
Mar 22, 2017

Trellist Creates Teaser Video for Global Chemistry Company

A global chemistry company’s titanium dioxide business is launching a new venture, but had little collateral to gain traction with potential partners. Trellist was asked to develop a short, yet vibrant teaser video for the business to use in the sales process. Full Story
Mar 15, 2017

Trellist Provides Digital Design Support for Global Chemistry Company

A global chemistry company wanted to roll out a new licensing program for one of its critical brands and desired a fresh face for the program’s presentation, which was to be viewed by customers in a webinar format. Trellist provided digital design to update the presentation with a professional and polished look and feel Full Story
Mar 07, 2017

Trellist Creates Optimized Process for Global Company’s Annual Giving Campaign

A Global Chemical Company required assistance executing its annual United Way Campaign. Trellist helped streamline the planning and implementation process by leveraging SharePoint as a communication and management tool. Full Story
Mar 01, 2017

Trellist Helps Public Ferry Service Provide Better Customer Communications

A national U.S. passenger and vehicle ferry service was challenged in its ability to create timely and targeted communications for its customers. They did not have real-time access to ticketing data, and the data that they did have was incomplete. Trellist was called in to help manage the service’s transactional data. Full Story
Feb 22, 2017

Trellist Begins SharePoint Strategy Engagement with Healthcare Client

Trellist was approached by a National Health System to create a strategy for their Intranet, which supports the company’s 40,000 employees across the country. Full Story
Feb 17, 2017

Trellist Partners with Blood Bank of Delmarva

To celebrate Valentine's Day and help raise awareness for National Wear Red Day®, Trellist partnered with the Blood Bank of Delmarva for a blood drive, which took place on February 16, 2017. Trellist joined the 6.8 million donors who give blood in the U.S. each year. Full Story
Feb 08, 2017

Trellist Supports Urgent International Tradeshow Needs for Global Chemical Company

A global chemical company had the opportunity to exhibit in China at one of the industry’s largest and most important trade shows, but the company’s team on the ground in Asia was struggling to develop graphics and supporting collateral for the booth in time. The company’s marketing team turned to Trellist for help. Full Story
Nov 23, 2016

Trellist Creates a Roadmap for Launch of New Government Site

A bi-state government agency was going to be updating the consumer website for its national US passenger and vehicle ferry system. The development of the new site was to be part of a request for proposal process, but before they could put the project out to bid, requirements needed to be defined. Trellist performed an audit and analysis of the current site, as well as customer surveys, and stakeholder interviews. Full Story
Nov 16, 2016

Trellist Develops Communication Support for Client in Healthcare Industry

A leader in the healthcare industry hired Trellist to provide communication support to promote their new wound care division, at one of the largest national wound care conferences. Full Story
Nov 02, 2016

Trellist Provides Digital Marketing Services to Chemicals Manufacturing Company

A Wilmington, Delaware based chemicals manufacturing company engaged Trellist to consult on its digital sales funnel. The company had a limited digital presence and was lagging behind its competitors in sales. Trellist assessed the client’s sales processes which included an outdated and labor intensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Trellist also evaluated the firm’s marketing and lead nurturing programs. Full Story
Oct 28, 2016

Trellist Provides Domain Acquisition Support Services for Global Health Insurance Provider

A global health insurance provider needed support to adapt and launch its brand identity internationally. Trellist provided consulting and project management services to identify specialized IP legal counseling and to manage the provider’s domain acquisition. Full Story
Oct 19, 2016

Trellist Digital Signs Celebrity-Owned Health and Cosmetics Company

A California-based health and cosmetics company appointed Trellist to help increase their online sales through new customer acquisition. Trellist will manage the firm’s ongoing Paid Social Media strategy and implementation. Full Story
Oct 12, 2016

Trellist Commences a Strategic Communication, Design and Development Engagement for a Global Distributor and Supply Chain Solution Provider's Web Properties

After completing a significant acquisition, a leading Global Distributor and Supply Chain Solution Provider realized that their web properties did not represent their true technology savvy and forward-looking vision. Additionally, it did not provide an optimized experience for customers who wanted to purchase products online. Trellist began a business, marketing and technical consulting engagement to redefine the client’s corporate and eCommerce web properties in March 2016. Full Story
Oct 05, 2016

Trellist Develops Social Media Strategy for Leading Medical Device Company

Trellist recently partnered with a leading medical device company based in Texas to develop a comprehensive social media strategy for one of their top product lines. The company selected Trellist for its ability to navigate social media challenges in regulated industries and vast health care and pharma experience. Full Story
Sep 28, 2016

Trellist Wins Strategic Engagements with Two Nonprofit Arts Organizations

Trellist was awarded two significant strategic engagements with Wilmington-based nonprofit organizations. The wins come as a result of competing against 12 regional agencies for the work, in which the Marketing and Technology firm was selected for its breadth of capabilities, and commitment to the arts in the city. Full Story
Sep 07, 2016

Social Business Practice Expands: Trellist® Marketing and Technology Offers Enhanced Social Solutions for Clients, Announces New Leader and Staff

Trellist® Marketing and Technology, a marketing, design and technology professional services firm, has announced the expansion of its Social Business practice and solutions, along with the installation of new leadership and additional staff. Full Story
Aug 12, 2016

Social Business Lands Innovative Student Loan Company

An innovative student loan company has selected Trellist to provide social media strategy and execution to enhance its marketing efforts. Full Story
Jul 01, 2016

Trellist Verified as Vet-Owned Business, Hopes to Inspire Vets

Trellist Marketing and Technology announced today it has been verified as a veteran-owned business, hoping its 20 year success story under veteran leadership will serve as an inspiration to other vets, and those considering military service. Full Story
Jun 04, 2016

Trellist Engaged to Improve Digital Acquisition Strategy

A provider of digital and print marketing solutions called on Trellist to improve and enhance their digital acquisition strategy to help generate new, qualified leads. Full Story
May 28, 2016

Trellist's Strategy Boosts IT Security for Global Enterprise Company

Trellist has recently been engaged to develop and implement an education and awareness strategy for a global enterprise company facing threats to its IT infrastructure and information assets. Full Story
Mar 18, 2016

Trellist Implements Advanced Platforms for Global Company

A global science and chemical manufacturing company recently engaged Trellist to implement advanced platforms that will increase collaboration between teams and help safeguard IT systems. Full Story
Mar 15, 2016

Trellist Enters Strategic Engagement with Leading Tissue Donor Bank

Trellist’s corporate value of treating clients as partners and becoming an extension of their business team gave the client confidence in Trellist’s ability to take ownership on their behalf and create an updated brand that both conveys their passion and value, as well as drives business. Full Story
Feb 25, 2016

Trellist a Bing Ads Accredited Firm

As a Bing Ads Accredited Professional firm, Trellist can further deliver full-service marketing and technology solutions for its clients to keeping them top-of-mind and visible when and where it matters. Full Story
Feb 12, 2016

Global Supply Chain Management Services Company Chooses Trellist as Consultant

One of the world’s largest providers of comprehensive supply chain management services recently engaged Trellist to provide strategic consulting services. Full Story
Jan 15, 2016

Trellist Improves Mobile Experience, Increases Site Traffic

Trellist helped a parking company optimize their website for mobile users. The company manages over 100 parking facilities. Since the new mobile optimized website was launched, the site has seen an increase in both traffic and reservations. Full Story
Dec 28, 2015

Credit Union Chose Trellist for Strategic Design Engagement

A credit union choose Trellist’s Branding + Marketing division to be its partner through a nationwide change in credit card technology. Full Story
Aug 15, 2015

Trellist Client Wins National Brand Award

A highly regarded electrical distributor, and a client of Trellist's, recently won a brand award from the National Association of Electrical Distributors. Full Story
Jul 21, 2015

Trellist Builds Custom SharePoint Solution for a Global Science Company

Trellist recently implemented a custom SharePoint solution to help a global science organization successfully comply with Anti-Bribery (A/B) and Anti-Corruption (A/C) Due Diligence requirements. The world renowned company chose Trellist because of its impeccable credentials relating to SharePoint consulting, implementation, training, and IT development. Full Story
Jul 01, 2015

Trellist Creates Custom Microsite for National Retailer’s 30th Anniversary

Trellist recently developed and successfully launched a responsive microsite as part of a national, high-end fashion retailer's 30th anniversary campaign. Full Story
Jun 29, 2015

Trellist Partners with Financial Services Innovator to Launch Apple Pay Program

A leading national credit union recently engaged Trellist's marketing services team to launch its Apple Pay program to its growing member base. Trellist senior consultants, project managers, writers and designers collaborated with client stakeholders in order to produce effective digital and mobile communications that would excite and prepare the credit union’s members for Apple Pay. Full Story
Jun 15, 2015

Trellist Tops the Delaware Business Times Book of Lists

Trellist was recently named number 1 on the Delaware Business Times Book of Lists under Marketing, Advertising and Technology firms. In order to top the list in its market, Trellist was ranked by number of employees, which reflects the company’s growth, even without taking into consideration its permanent employees in its Philadelphia offices, contract and freelancer employees. Full Story
May 19, 2015

Trellist Extends Market Penetration for Home Improvement Company

In reaction to a global news story, Trellist recently provided strategic support to help a national manufacturing company communicate important, reputation-focused messaging to express key differentiators amongst its competitors. Full Story
Apr 24, 2015

Trellist Helps Consumer Lending Client Reach 80 Million Readers

A consumer lending startup recently reached 80 million readers as a result of a PR strategy developed and executed by Trellist. The client’s leadership team was featured in these targeted articles, establishing their company as a knowledgeable and reliable lending source to millions of potential customers. Full Story
Apr 06, 2015

Trellist Deploys ADA Remediation Upgrade for Major Financial Institution

Trellist Marketing and Technology recently completed a compliance project for a major US banking and financial services institution. Client website assets were upgraded to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. The client’s website is now accessible to visually impaired customers. Full Story
Mar 06, 2015

Trellist Achieves Google Partner Status

Google dominates organic and pay-per-click search, along with other digital marketing services. This continued leadership is why Trellist has become a Google Partner. Google’s Partner program recognizes Trellist as an expert following best practices to develop campaigns in Paid Search, Video Advertising and Display Advertising, and campaign analysis tools with Google Analytics to get the best return on investment. Full Story
Mar 03, 2015

Trellist Leaders Speak at Prominent SharePoint Event

Jennifer Kenderdine and Susan Lovejoy-Storment will present at SharePoint Saturday. SharePoint Saturday Events (SPS Events) are free, one-day events held in different cities around the world. The event promises rich educational sessions from the brightest industry leaders, designed for end users, developers, architects, IT pros and executives. Full Story
Feb 27, 2015

Trellist’s Social Business Team Lands New Consumer Lending Client

Trellist Marketing and Technology was recently engaged by a national consumer lending company to be its strategic partner for Social Business. Trellist sees this client partnership as an exciting indicator for the Financial Services vertical, as more companies are taking social seriously and making it an integral part of their business plan. Full Story
Feb 11, 2015

Trellist Deploys Responsive Ecommerce Website for National High-end Swimwear Retailer

Trellist Marketing and Technology recently designed and developed a responsive ecommerce website for a national high-end fashion swimwear and accessories retailer. The new site improved the buyer's experience and cut down website maintenance time. Full Story
Jan 30, 2015

Trellist Client Sees Unprecedented Web Traffic with Content Marketing

A regional health system saw record web traffic with the help of targeted content marketing strategy and execution from Trellist’s Scribewise content team. Full Story
Jan 13, 2015

Private Medical Practice Engages Trellist for Marketing Consulting Services

Trellist recently began consulting on marketing and brand strategy with a private medical practice. Through an initial engagement Trellist reviewed and evaluated the practice’s business model and its brand and positioning in the marketplace to recommend a marketing and branding strategy. Full Story
Dec 08, 2014

Trellist Client Wins Innovation Award for New Media

A regional non-profit health system recently won an Innovation Award for New Media from the Philadelphia Business Journal. Full Story
Oct 31, 2014

Trellist Participates in Inspiring Women in STEM Conference

Trellist Ventures Executive Lori Palmer participated in the closing plenary panel of the 2014 Inspiring Women in STEM Conference. Trellist was a sponsoring organization of The Inspiring Women in STEM Conference which aims to encourage, support and inspire women in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. Full Story
Oct 16, 2014

Trellist Develops TV Commercial for Consumer Bank

Trellist recently developed a television commercial for a consumer bank. The commercial is progressive in the world of consumer banking, using stylized motion graphics to draw the viewer in. It is now set to air in two regional markets. Full Story
Oct 10, 2014

Trellist Featured in Sprinklr’s Social@Scale Summit

Chris Wallace, Trellist Social Business Strategic Leader, recently participated as a presenter in Sprinklr’s “Social@Scale” Summit at Barclaycard US in Wilmington, DE. Full Story
Oct 01, 2014

Trellist Acquires Scribewise, A Leading Content Marketing Firm

Acquisition adds content marketing and public relations as key Trellist service offerings.<br /> <br /> <a href="" title="Read the full press release (PDF)">Read the full press release (PDF)</a> Full Story
Sep 19, 2014

Trellist Leader Participates in Digital Marketing Symposium

Trellist Digital Marketing Leader takes part in interactive panel on Tuesday, September 23. Full Story
Sep 12, 2014

John Emerick Joins Trellist Executive Leadership Team

Trellist Marketing and Technology announces the addition of John Emerick as Chief Operating Officer. John will primarily lead Trellist’s operational initiatives to enhance structural scalability and advance expansion. Full Story
Sep 05, 2014

Lori Palmer Joins Trellist Executive Leadership Team

Trellist Marketing and Technology further strengthened its executive team with the addition of Lori Palmer as Ventures Executive Leader. Lori will have a number of key leadership roles, as is common at Trellist. Her primary focus is to build and drive business strategy to deliver acquisitions and strategic partnerships that support corporate initiatives and vision. Full Story
Aug 22, 2014

Trellist to Develop Awareness Campaign and eLearning Content for Global Science Company

A global science company recently enlisted Trellist for strategic consulting and tactical implementation behind developing and launching an eLearning portal and awareness campaign for all employees. Full Story
Aug 14, 2014

Trellist Develops Custom Mobile Application for a Top Global Pharmaceutical Company

Trellist is providing both strategic direction and development services in the creation of a native mobile application for a top ten global pharmaceutical company. Full Story
Aug 07, 2014

Trellist Employee Plans Fundraising Event Featuring Large Display of Local Music

Tyler Holloway, of Trellist’s Project Management Services, is leveraging his skills in management, communications and planning to drive a local 12 hour fundraiser called Jameson's Heartraiser. Full Story
Jul 31, 2014

Trellist and Sprinklr “Partnr” to Help Brands Avoid Social Extinction

Wilmington headquartered services firm, Trellist, one of only 14 firms selected by Sprinklr to join their global partnership program, “Partnr” <p><a href="/docs/default-source/PDF/trellist-marketing-technology-joins-sprinklr's-global-partnership-program_7-31-2014.pdf" title="Read the full press release (PDF)">Read the full press release (PDF)</a></p> Full Story
Jul 24, 2014

Trellist Provides Office Branding Strategy to Global Healthcare Consulting Firm

Trellist was recently engaged to develop brand strategy for the offices of a global healthcare consulting firm. Full Story
Jul 18, 2014

Trellist Attends the Delaware BioScience Association's BioBreakfast

Recently, two Trellist representatives attended the BioBreakfast event hosted by the Delaware BioScience Association and held at Christiana Care, in Wilmington Delaware. Full Story
Jul 08, 2014

One of Trellist’s Strategic Consultants Elected to the Board of DFRC

Regina Ann Bevel, Strategic Consultant for Trellist, was recently elected to the Board of Trustees of the Delaware Foundation for Reaching Citizens with DisABILITIES (DFRC). Full Story
Jul 03, 2014

Trellist Develops and Executes Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns for Mid-Size Financial Institutions

Trellist is currently managing strategic consulting engagements with a number of growing financial services institutions, concentrating on traditional and digital marketing strategy and multi-channel campaign implementation. Full Story
Jul 02, 2014

Trellist Employee Featured in A Local Art Show

Trellistee Ashley Cleaver was recently featured in the Delaware Fun-A-Day art challenge and exhibit. Full Story
Jun 27, 2014

Trellist Leaders Participate in a Local Annual Charity Golf Outing

To continually support a company initiative of giving back to the community and supporting local organizations, Trellist recently participated in an annual charity golf outing hosted by a national financial services client with offices in the region. Full Story
Jun 23, 2014

Trellist Develops Third Year of Major Print & Digital Program for Biologics Company

Trellist is working with a global biologics company’s Market Access group for the third consecutive year on program strategy and collateral development supporting patients and healthcare professionals. Full Story
Jun 18, 2014

Trellist Kicks off a 2014 Summer Community Fitness and Wellness Challenge

Trellist recently kicked off its first community wellness program in participation with the “Keepin’ up with Chuck” fitness challenge. Full Story
Jun 13, 2014

Trellist Improves Mobile Experience for Airport Parkers

Trellist recently helped a parking company optimize their website for mobile users. The company manages over 100 parking facilities including a self-park lot at the Philadelphia airport. Full Story
Jun 09, 2014

Trellist Develops Digital Strategy Roadmap for National Retailer

A national specialty retailer recently hired Trellist to develop a digital strategy to optimize their online presence and maximize ROI potential. Full Story
Jun 06, 2014

Suddenly Sheaffer: Trellist Employee Joins 'Little Shop' Cast

Trellist prides itself on having a unique blend of employees, from techies and artists to logical thinkers and free spirits. For Trellist employee Troy Sheaffer, he balances his role as web developer with his passion for performing. And last month, he landed a major role in a local production of 'Little Shop of Horrors.' Full Story
May 27, 2014

Trellist Turns Spontaneous Sales Pitch into Video Sales Tool

When an executive of a global flooring manufacturer gave a passionate, unplanned sales pitch for a new product at a major trade show, the company asked Trellist to create a video sales tool based on the impromptu pitch, requiring it be quickly produced on a modest budget. Full Story
May 15, 2014

Electrical Distributor’s Brand Gets Recharged with New Identity

Trellist is providing strategic consulting and tactical implementation to support the new brand identity for a national distributor of commercial electrical supplies. Full Story
May 05, 2014

Interactive Exhibit Scores Big for Biologics Company

Trellist recently helped a global biologics company make an impact at the nation’s largest science festival for middle and high school students interested in careers in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines. Full Story
Apr 29, 2014

Water Technology Company Taps Trellist for Digital Brand Strategy

A newly formed water technology company has enlisted Trellist to develop and implement a digital strategy for launching the company’s brand online. Full Story
Apr 24, 2014

Founding Partner of Trellist Re-elected Mayor

Trellist was founded on a unique culture and structure – something Founding Partner Pat Toman knows well as the mayor of Ardencroft, a small utopian Delaware village just outside Wilmington. In March, Pat was re-elected mayor of Ardencroft, his seventh consecutive one-year term in office. Full Story
Apr 21, 2014

Trellist Establishes New Relationship with Financial Institution

Trellist is currently developing a multi-channel campaign for a new client, a full-service financial institution, to market several of the client’s innovative mortgage products. Full Story
Apr 15, 2014

Trellist CEO Speaks to Philadelphia City Council

Trellist CEO and Founding Partner David Atadan spoke in front of the Philadelphia City Council on April 3 to discuss growing the city’s entrepreneurial efforts and increasing support of the technology and innovation community. Full Story
Apr 10, 2014

Global Software Provider Extends Staffing Agreement with Trellist

An international provider of software for global financial advisers and investment firms has extended its staffing agreement with Trellist through 2014. Full Story
Apr 07, 2014

Trellist Partners with Sprinklr on Enterprise Social Business

Trellist has entered into a partnership with Sprinklr, “the most powerful technology in the market” (Forrester SRP Wave) for social experience management.<br/> <br/> <a href="/docs/default-source/PDF/trellist-partners-with-sprinklr-on-enterprise-social-business.pdf" title="Read the full press release (PDF)">Read the full press release (PDF)</a> Full Story
Mar 31, 2014

Trellist to Sponsor Media Track at Philly Tech Week 2014

Trellist will host the Media track’s afternoon event, “The Future of Digital Marketing,” where local thought leaders will use real-world case studies to cover topics such as content marketing, risk mitigation, brand strategy, social business, location-based marketing, mobile commerce, and customer engagement. <br /><br /><a href="/docs/default-source/PDF/trellist-to-sponsor-media-track-at-philly-tech-week-2014.pdf" title="Read the full press release (PDF)">Read the full press release (PDF)</a> Full Story
Mar 28, 2014

Trellist Social Business Leader to Speak at Philly Ad Club

Chris Wallace, Strategic Leader of Social Business Practice at Trellist, will be a featured speaker at “Building a Bridge Between Philly's Tech and Advertising Communities,” taking place on April 9 and sponsored by the Philly Ad Club as part of Philly Tech Week. Full Story
Mar 25, 2014

Trellist Launches Social Business Practice, Appoints Strategic Leader

Trellist announces the addition of Social Business Practice to the firm’s ever-expanding list of professional services offerings. <a href="">Read the full press release (PDF)</a> Full Story
Mar 24, 2014

Global Company Selects Trellist for Brand Site Development

A global science company has engaged Trellist to create a new, robust brand identity site with an enhanced design and improved information architecture, user experience, and user pathing. Full Story
Mar 18, 2014

Trellist to Launch Video Marketing Campaign for Global Company

To increase awareness for a global company’s investment management services, Trellist is developing the services’ first-ever video marketing campaign. Targeting large corporations, the campaign will promote the company’s services and emphasize the intellect and international diversity of its people. Full Story
Mar 10, 2014

Trellist Begins Relationship with Multi-Regional Bank

A growing consumer bank is establishing a partnership with Trellist by awarding the firm a multi-channel marketing engagement following a competitive bid process. Full Story
Mar 05, 2014

Trellist Leader to Speak at Philly Women in Tech Summit

Jennifer Plichta, Strategic Leader – Consulting & Account Services at Trellist, will be a featured speaker at the 2014 Philly Women in Tech Summit on April 12 at WHYY headquarters in Philadelphia. The summit is an annual event that inspires, educates, and connects women in the technology industry from the Philadelphia region. Full Story
Feb 25, 2014

Online Broker Invests in Trellist’s Services

Marketing-based education simplifies investment options for users.<br/> <br/> A top online broker tapped Trellist to help individual investors better understand the flexible trading options available through the broker’s website. Trellist is developing a video-based educational tool that reinforces the value of the broker’s services while educating existing and prospective customers about the available trading features. Full Story
Feb 18, 2014

Trellist Completes Brand Repositioning for Global Company

Trellist recently provided consulting services to a global information management solutions company seeking to reposition its brand as the company expands to competitive new markets. Trellist conducted a deep analysis of multiple data sources, including extensive interviews with internal stakeholders, to better understand and differentiate the company’s diverse services. The resulting strategy unifies these services under a corporate umbrella position applicable to all marketing efforts, creating a corporate positioning for the company that applies to their current business and has the flexibility to incorporate new services as they are launched. Trellist is now developing creative executions to communicate the new brand positioning, which will be applied to the company’s website, outbound and internal communications, and lead generation campaigns. Full Story
Feb 10, 2014

Trellist Provides Direction to Growing Biotech Company

<p>Through a program sponsored by the Delaware Small Business &amp; Technology Development Center (DSBTDC), Trellist has shown a growing biotech company how marketing and consultative services can help achieve better results and long-term success. The DSBTDC program pairs small businesses with established businesses like Trellist, who act as advisors to provide strategic solutions that maximize the success of small business projects.</p> <p>By incorporating Trellist&rsquo;s recommendations, the biotech company adopted a more strategic approach to planning and executing the introduction of their pesticide detection kit to a new audience. Trellist also provided recommendations on how to penetrate the B-to-B market, including a comprehensive commercialization plan from pre-planning to post-launch.</p> <p>Trellist is highly invested in helping small businesses in the community succeed. <a href="">Learn more about Trellist&rsquo;s involvement with the DSBTDC</a></p> Full Story
Feb 06, 2014

Trellist Launches Web Channel for Global Pharmaceutical Company

Trellist recently developed and launched a robust YouTube channel for a global pharmaceutical company to build and retain patient loyalty for a medication facing loss of exclusivity (LOE). Taking a &ldquo;mobile first&rdquo; approach, Trellist developed the channel to respond to multiple platforms, even as YouTube was modifying its page layout requirements for pharmaceutical channels. The firm developed IA and UX strategies for the channel, as well as a widget featuring educational content, an interactive and geotargeted visitor map, and a Paint-based drawing tool. In addition, Trellist created ads that run on YouTube to drive users to the channel, and helped navigate the channel and its assets through legal, medical, and regulatory reviews. The pharmaceutical company, a longtime client, awarded the work to Trellist based on the firm&rsquo;s proven track record of successful web strategies, design, and development. Full Story
Feb 03, 2014

Adobe CQ eLearning Program Enhances Global Science Company’s Platform Migration Efforts

Trellist recently developed an eLearning program to help employees of a global science company migrate from their existing content management platform to Adobe CQ. Trellist developed an instructor-led curriculum, eLearning modules, and training materials, including an informational video to educate the organization on the larger digital marketing change management strategy. The eLearning modules reside in a centralized repository which also features downloadable guides and tip sheets, as well as discussion forums that encourage employees to interact and create solution-based dialogue about the new Adobe CQ platform. The science company, a longtime client of Trellist, selected the firm for the engagement based on Trellist&rsquo;s extensive experience and success in eLearning program strategies, development, and execution. Full Story
Jan 30, 2014

Trellist Mobile App Plays Major Role in Account Win for Relocation Company

A best-in-class mobile application developed by Trellist for a global relocation company has directly contributed to the company&rsquo;s win of a major account. A spokesperson for the account specifically mentioned the app as a significant differentiator in choosing the relocation company. The app, launched for iOS and Android in the second quarter of 2013, creates a better moving experience for employees who are transferred by their companies or corporations. It includes features such as paperless expense reporting, checklists, barcode inventory tracking, and destination information to help transferred employees settle into their new locations. Trellist also personalized the user experience by making enhancements to the relocation company's backend system to allow for individual user information. The app is another example of how Trellist helps its clients solve business problems through innovative technology-based solutions. Full Story
Jan 23, 2014

Global Financial Institution Renews Services Agreement with Trellist for 2014

Trellist has extended its relationship with a globally recognized financial institution through a renewed services agreement for 2014. The agreement allows Trellist&rsquo;s dedicated, collaborative team of subject matter experts to continue providing the client with experienced consultative and strategic services including business analysis, project management, platform development, QA testing, and development release support. Through the renewed agreement, Trellist will also continue to streamline the client&rsquo;s development processes, seamlessly transition between projects, quickly gauge resource needs, and expediently deploy resources as needed. Full Story
Jan 16, 2014

Trellist Develops New Media Strategy for Delaware Art Museum

Trellist is continuing its relationship with the Delaware Art Museum by developing new communications strategies in 2014, including planning, placing, and managing media for the museum in all channels. While the firm has managed the media programs in previous years for the museum, the 2014 plan supports Trellist&rsquo;s strategy to establish the museum as a cultural destination. The goal is to elevate visibility for the museum and have it recognized as a peer among other respected museums in the Mid-Atlantic region. The media strategies include geo-targeting that expands beyond Wilmington to include adjacent metropolitan markets such as Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, DC. Full Story
Jan 13, 2014

Trellist Presents SharePoint Expertise at Regional Events

<p>Jennifer Kenderdine, SharePoint subject matter expert at Trellist, recently represented the firm at;s 2013 Code Camp, an all-day event at the Penn State campus in Abington, PA. Jennifer&rsquo;s presentation, &ldquo;SharePoint 2013 Client Side Rendering,&rdquo; showed attendees how the additional functionality of SharePoint 2013 makes it easier for companies to display everything from simple spreadsheet lists to more dynamic elements such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.</p> <p>A full-time SharePoint administrator, developer, and designer, Jennifer has also spoken at several SharePoint Saturdays, held in cities worldwide featuring sessions from influential and respected SharePoint professionals. She will be representing Trellist at Tri-State SharePoint&rsquo;s &ldquo;Lightning Talks&rdquo; on January 14 in Malvern, PA.</p> Full Story
Jan 06, 2014

Global Life Sciences Consultancy Turns to Trellist to Evolve its Web Presence

A globally-recognized consultancy specializing in healthcare market research and marketing insights has chosen Trellist to rethink and redesign its website. Trellist will create a more ideal online customer experience that appeals to all audience segments, including prospective and existing clients, media outlets, and potential and current employees. Based on needs identified through multiple stakeholder interviews, the new site design will improve the ease of finding relevant information, increase traffic through enhanced visibility in organic search, and bring a more human element to the data-driven experience.<br /> <br /> Trellist will provide digital content strategy, information architecture and user experience, creative direction and design (including responsive web design for mobile optimization), <a href="">enhanced SEO strategies</a>, and technical development. The consultancy chose Trellist after a competitive bid process due to the firm&rsquo;s extensive experience with the website&rsquo;s existing CMS system and a quick, accurate understanding of the consultancy&rsquo;s brand. Full Story
Dec 17, 2013

Trellist Employees Choose Charities for Holiday Season Donations

Trellist has made donations to three regional charities this holiday season who were chosen based on an open nomination process by Trellist employees. The charities selected were Big Brothers Big Sisters, Delaware Humane Association, and Food Bank of Delaware.<br /> <a target="_blank" href="" title="Read the full press release (PDF)">Read the full press release (PDF)</a> Full Story
Dec 09, 2013

Trellist Amping Up Electrical Distributor’s Brand

<p>Trellist recently completed a brand assessment for a national distributor of commercial electric supplies to evaluate the company&rsquo;s position in the marketplace and identify strategic opportunities for further brand development. The firm conducted the assessment &ndash; including competitive analysis, stakeholder interviews, and audits of current marketing practices, brand identity, and marketing materials &ndash; in order to define the value and return on investment of redeveloping the company&rsquo;s brand before proposing a comprehensive brand strategy.&nbsp;</p> <p>Based on the findings of the brand assessment, Trellist has initiated an update of the company&rsquo;s visual identity, including the development of a new logo and tagline that more effectively convey the values, foundations, and equity of its brand.</p> Full Story
Dec 06, 2013

Clients’ SEO Positioning Takes Flight under New Google Algorithm

Trellist has enhanced its SEO services to include strategies that help increase clients&rsquo; search engine visibility through Google&rsquo;s new Hummingbird search algorithm. The firm will help clients structure content for better positioning in search results through the algorithm, which focuses on the increased use of conversational search (&ldquo;Where&rsquo;s the closest place to buy the new smartphone?&rdquo;). Trellist is currently providing high-level consultative SEO services, including strategies for the Hummingbird algorithm, to an industry-leading life sciences and technology company as part of a larger engagement that includes brand strategy, website design, and user experience. Full Story
Dec 02, 2013

Trellist Offers Guidance to Emerging Small Businesses in Delaware

<p>To help Delaware small businesses develop and refine their strategies, Trellist is participating in the Digital Compass program through the Delaware Small Business &amp; Technology Development Center (DSBTDC). Sponsored by the DSBTDC, and funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration, The University of Delaware, the Delaware Economic Development Office, and Delaware State University, the program matches small businesses with established businesses like Trellist who act as advisors to diagnose problems and provide solutions for the businesses to maximize the success of their projects.</p> <p>Through the program, Trellist will provide consulting and strategic services for high-potential small businesses in industries such as biotech, healthcare, and consumer products. Trellist anticipates long-standing involvement in the quarterly program to help provide high-level consulting services to small businesses throughout Delaware.</p> Full Story
Nov 25, 2013

Global Investment Innovator Enlists Hybrid Solution from Trellist

A leading provider of investment management platforms is working with Trellist to create a series of eLearning courses to help their associates and clients better utilize the features of their new flagship product. Trellist created a hybrid solution featuring a balanced blend of internal and external resources &ndash; providing on-site, full-time project managers and instructional designers to work with internal subject matter experts and creative developers to implement the courseware. In addition, Trellist will help with internal marketing to raise awareness of the eLearning courses among the client&rsquo;s employees. Trellist will also provide creative and consultative support on an as-needed basis. The client selected Trellist based on the firm&rsquo;s extensive experience in eLearning and the financial sector. Full Story
Nov 21, 2013

Philadelphia Marathon Includes Two Trellist Runners

<p>Trellist was proud to have two of its employees, Chris Wallace and Jordan Wallach, among the 30,000 runners in the Philadelphia Marathon on November 17. Chris ran the 13.1-mile Half Marathon, while Jordan competed in the full 26.2-mile race. Runners were greeted at the finish line with a high-five from Philadelphia mayor Michael Nutter.</p> <p> &ldquo;It&rsquo;s always a great event with an amazing turnout. There was no way I was going to miss it,&rdquo; said Jordan, marking his third consecutive year running the marathon for Trellist. &ldquo;Besides, where else can you get a high-five from the mayor of Philadelphia?&rdquo;</p> Full Story
Nov 18, 2013

Global Manufacturer Improves Social Business Practices with Help from Trellist

Trellist recently delivered strategic recommendations to a leading technology-based manufacturer on how to successfully establish corporate social business practices. These recommendations were aimed at maintaining global brand consistency for the company, with the flexibility to meet the needs of its widely varied business units in diverse markets worldwide. Trellist&rsquo;s social business presentation included best practices for corporate structure, current trends and methodologies in social media, change management methods, resource requirements, and software portfolio options. Following Trellist&rsquo;s recommendations, the company will conduct extensive testing against social strategies, with the goal of enabling social practices across their global business units. The company chose Trellist based on the firm&rsquo;s successful development of social business strategies and its established relationships with industry leaders in enterprise social media management systems. Full Story
Nov 14, 2013

Trellist Receives 2013 Superstars in Business Award

Trellist was presented with a 2013 Superstars in Business Award yesterday by the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce during a ceremony at the Hotel du Pont in Wilmington. The award honors businesses who are not only successful and growing, but also innovative, creative, and involved in the community. David Atadan, Trellist founding partner and CEO, accepted the award on behalf of the firm, one of four businesses given the award from the hundreds of nominations received. Trellist was <a href="">announced</a> as a winner of the award by the Chamber of Commerce in September.<br /> <a target="_blank" href="">Read the article at</a> Full Story
Nov 12, 2013

Trellist Employees Grow Baddest Mustaches for Good Cause

More than a dozen Trellistees took part in the fifth annual Mustaches for Kidds, a five-week mustache growing contest sponsored by Supporting Kidds, a local nonprofit organization that provides support to grieving children and families who have lost a loved one. The Trellist &quot;growers&quot; raised more money through sponsor donations for the cause, which culminated with a &quot;Stache Bash&quot; costume party where partygoers voted for their favorite mustaches and enjoyed a performance by a band comprised of Trellist employees. Trellist has a strong connection to Supporting Kidds, originating with a Trellist employee who became actively involved with the nonprofit after the loss of her mother.<br /> <a href=";type=1 " target="_blank">View photos from the event on our Facebook page</a> Full Story
Nov 06, 2013

Trellist Extends Relationship with Leading Delaware Law Firm, Expands Branding and Marketing Efforts

A prominent Delaware-based law firm has extended its relationship with Trellist following the successful launch of a multi-channel brand enhancement campaign earlier this year. To unify and better position the law firm&rsquo;s brand, Trellist created a high-level style guide featuring logo treatments, color palette, and font usage; developed a series of targeted print and digital ads; and improved user experience, functionality, and design for the firm&rsquo;s website. Based on the campaign&rsquo;s success, the law firm has tasked Trellist with further initiatives to enhance the firm&rsquo;s brand, including mobile optimization, SEO, and potential consultative and strategic engagements. The firm selected Trellist for its consultative approach to developing business strategies that help clients grow, as well as its specialized practice of helping reputation-based firms leverage diverse marketing channels. Full Story
Oct 25, 2013

Trellist Wins SmartCEO Circle of Excellence Award

David Atadan, CEO and founding partner of Trellist Marketing and Technology, has been named the winner of a 2013 Philadelphia SmartCEO Circle of Excellence Award. Atadan and fellow winners were recognized at a ceremony on October 17 in Philadelphia. An exclusive community of CEOs and decision-makers, SmartCEO presents the Circle of Excellence Awards to honor the region’s most accomplished business leaders. Atadan’s award recognizes his leadership and innovation based on Trellist’s unique practices and business model, as well as its growth from a small to mid-sized business, including a 150 percent increase in revenue in the last five years.<br /> <a sfref="[documents|OpenAccessDataProvider]246fa7f1-b644-6bcb-8991-ff0000d3cedc" title="Read the full press release (PDF)" href="/docs/default-source/PDF/press-release---trellist-wins-smartceo-award-in-philadelphia.pdf?sfvrsn=0">Read the full press release (PDF)</a> Full Story
Oct 15, 2013

Trellist Executes Highly Scientific Concepts through 3D Video Technology

Trellist recently displayed its ability to distill and simplify complex scientific concepts by launching a 3D video sales tool for a global science company’s proprietary water treatment system. The firm converted computer-aided designs of the system into visually stimulating 3D animation and imagery that illustrate how the system works, its safety features, and ease of use and maintenance. Trellist also developed the highly technical script for the video based on the system’s operating manual and interviews with key stakeholders. The video will be used as a sales tool, at trade shows, and as a cost-effective alternative to bringing potential buyers to the company’s facilities to see the system in person. Trellist was awarded the project based on its video production and eLearning expertise and its successful, long-standing relationship with the company. Full Story
Oct 08, 2013

Crowdsourcing Gets College Sports Fans Pumped for Bank’s Social Media Campaign

Trellist is developing a multi-channel social media campaign for one of the nation’s largest consumer banking institutions and the bank’s collegiate athletics partner, using crowdsourcing and hashtagging to nominate and promote individuals making a difference in the local fan community. The campaign will leverage multiple social media channels to drive sharing and voting. Winners will be recognized during an unforgettable in-stadium experience at next season’s home opener. Trellist is providing overall social media strategy, creative direction and execution, application development, and content creation for this high-profile social event. The bank chose Trellist for this campaign based on the firm’s extensive experience developing social media programs in the financial industry, its ability to heighten brand awareness through creative communications, and a long-standing history of providing the bank with results that exceed expectations. Full Story
Sep 24, 2013

Trellist to Reposition Brand and Update Digital Presence for Information Management Solutions Company

A global information management solutions company has engaged Trellist to better position its corporate brand and unify its product websites onto one technical platform. Trellist will partner with key stakeholders to assess the company’s current position in the marketplace and make recommendations on how to best define and execute a stronger brand presence, including logo development, digital usage standards, visual identity guidelines, and brand voice. To better align the company’s disparate product websites, Trellist will develop a universal site architecture and page templates that optimize user experience and corporate synergy. The company has also enlisted Trellist to provide consulting services for content optimization, SEO, technical integration and testing, and platform launch. Trellist was selected for the engagement based on its experience working across brand strategy, design, and technical development in multiple business-to-business sales environments. Full Story
Sep 16, 2013

Trellist Wins 2013 Superstars in Business Award from Delaware State Chamber of Commerce

Trellist has been selected as a winner of the 2013 Marvin S. Gilman Superstars in Business Award by the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce. The award honors businesses and non-profit organizations for their outstanding achievements and exemplary approach to business and management. Trellist was recognized for the award based on our unique business model, substantial growth, and guiding principles that define our philosophy, culture, operations, and company structure. Trellist and fellow Superstars in Business Award winners will be recognized at a ceremony on November 13 at the Hotel du Pont in Wilmington. Full Story
Sep 03, 2013

Trellist-Developed App for Leading Bridal Retailer Makes International Debut

A leading bridal retailer recently launched its first-ever app at store locations throughout Canada and the United Kingdom. Designed and developed by Trellist, the app allows sales consultants to collaborate with customers and isolate gown and dress choices by filtering attributes such as collection, fabric, and color. Consultants using the app can also search for items by style number, provide accessory recommendations to customers, and reference a resource page featuring sizing charts. Trellist was selected to develop the app due to its longstanding, integrated relationship with the retailer, which includes successful e-marketing, online creative, and website maintenance programs. Full Story
Aug 27, 2013

Trellist Starts Development of 15th Global SharePoint Site for Pharmaceutical Client

A leading pharmaceutical company has tasked Trellist with creating a new Microsoft SharePoint communication and collaboration portal to support a global brand team. Under its Agency Model, Trellist will be developing a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing user experience to ease the process of searching and accessing sensitive and timely information. Additionally, Trellist will make ongoing improvements to adjust to the brand team’s varying needs as each product moves through its patent lifecycle. Trellist was selected for this engagement based on the firm’s extensive past success in developing large-scale SharePoint sites for the client. Full Story
Aug 23, 2013

Trellist Targets Veterinary Staff with New eLearning Series

In partnership with a healthcare advertising agency, Trellist has entered an agreement with a global pharmaceutical company to create online, video-based programs to train and educate veterinarians and their staff on a medication delivery device for treating pet diabetes. The first program will be a multi-module tutorial on how to administer the medication and why vets should recommend it to pet owners, while the second program will be a continuing education series on pet diabetes that allows vet staff to earn CME credits. Trellist will also develop a Web-based platform to host both programs, including translated versions of the programs to support multiple languages in countries worldwide. The pharmaceutical company selected Trellist for the engagement based on the firm’s experience and success in developing eLearning programs, as well as Trellist’s ability to create solutions that ensure global participation. Full Story
Aug 12, 2013

Fresh Strategy and Responsive Design Yield Success for Brand Awareness Campaign

In collaboration with a leading global science company, Trellist has developed an interactive marketing strategy to build share and awareness for one of the company’s premier ingredient brands. Trellist played an integral role in the execution of the strategy, including the design and development of a website built on a responsive design framework to ensure a positive user experience on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Based on the success of the campaign, Trellist was asked to extend its brand management consultancy with the company. Trellist was selected based on the firm’s consistent delivery of strategic and tactical services in a flexible manner to meet the needs of the client and its product. Full Story
Aug 05, 2013

Global Science Company Turns to Trellist for Technology to Manage Multimillion-Dollar Projects

Trellist is extending its relationship with a global science company by providing a multi-year, centralized solution for managing the company’s capital construction projects, whose costs range from $5 million to $200 million each. Collaborating with the company and its vendors, suppliers, and engineering design firms, Trellist is developing a SharePoint application that allows leadership across the company to manage the projects from any location. The application also provides maximum information security, creates a hub for exchanging files, and reduces the amount of duplication in reports. In addition, the SharePoint workflows will help the company better manage project scope, potential changes, and reporting of project financials. Trellist was selected for the engagement based on the firm’s past successes in large-scale project and resource management solutions. Full Story
Aug 01, 2013

Trellist Expands Services to Support Growth of Marketing-Based eLearning

Trellist announces an expansion of its Education &amp; eLearning Practice Area to meet the growing demand for online and video-based training tools to educate consumers. The expansion comes as Trellist develops and launches multiple eLearning projects for market leaders in pharmaceutical, biotech, financial, automotive, and retail industries. At the forefront of the expansion is the growth of marketing-based eLearning, where clients use the advantages of eLearning as a teaching tool for use in marketing and business development. Trellist will utilize developing technologies to show its clients how eLearning can be repositioned from an employee-based training tool to an effective method for communicating to consumers. <br /><br /> <a href=" release - Trellist Expands Services to Support Growth of Marketing.pdf" target="_blank">Read the Full Press Release</a> Full Story
Jul 30, 2013

Dermatology Company Partners with Trellist to Improve Communications through Emerging Technology and Social Media

A leading manufacturer of prescription dermatology products has tapped Trellist to provide strategic recommendations and help the company enhance the dialogue between its marketing division and sales representatives. The discovery phase includes interviews by Trellist with marketing, sales, and IT stakeholders. Following the interviews, Trellist will recommend a strategy for the company on how to use emerging technology and social media tools to improve internal communications between the marketing and sales groups. The client selected Trellist based on the firm’s expertise in the convergence of marketing and technology for optimal results, its extensive experience in the healthcare market, and its diversity in other key vertical markets. Full Story
Jul 26, 2013

Trellist SharePoint Expert is Featured Speaker at Philadelphia Technology Professionals Event

On Thursday, July 25, Jennifer Kenderdine, a Trellist SharePoint specialist, shared her expertise with a group of technologists at PhillySNUG (Philadelphia SharePoint and .Net Users Group). Addressing designers, developers, and power users at the Comcast Center in Center City, Jennifer focused on tips and tools to elevate the user’s experience beyond the out of the box design provided in SharePoint’s collaborative software package. The 90 minute session ran through demos using client side development tools like XSL, jQuery, HTML/CSS, and responsive web design techniques. Jennifer’s methods were equally analytical and creative, and her presentation was well received by the group. Full Story
Jul 22, 2013

Trellist Develops eCommerce Strategy for Higher Education Retailer Using Hybrid Service Model

A leading retailer serving college students and their parents has chosen Trellist to improve its e-business strategy for its busiest sales season, as well as implement a long-term resource strategy to support the retailer’s growth. Trellist is providing a hybrid approach, combining its agency and resource management service delivery models for maximum flexibility. Agency services provided by Trellist will include strategy development, UX design, creative and content development, interactive marketing, and quality control. Trellist is also providing staff augmentation by locating and recruiting qualified professionals to work on-site at the retailer. Trellist was selected for the engagement based on a proven ability to successfully create and execute e-business strategies, as well as provide resource management expertise. Full Story
Jul 18, 2013

Leading Animal Health Company Chooses Trellist to Develop Training Program with eLearning Component

Trellist has developed curriculum tools and a delivery mechanism for a sales representative training program of a leading animal health company. The program, launching later this month, takes a blended approach to the training by using a combination of instructor-led sessions and self-paced eLearning refresher modules. Sales reps will attend on-site training with an instructor guiding them through product information as well as role-playing exercises to prepare them for discussing an anti-parasitic medication with veterinarians and their staff. Attendees will then receive a series of emails reinforcing the information they learned at the training, with a link to online multi-media eLearning modules – featuring a mechanism of action (MOA) for the medication’s active ingredients with interactive descriptions, as well as game-based learning elements to further educate the reps on the product and its competitors. Full Story
Jul 17, 2013

Trellist Employee Embarks on Trip to Peru to Record Documentary on Local Music and Culture

Tyler Holloway, a Trellist employee and world-traveled musician, is spending two weeks in South America starting July 12 as part of The Travel Songs Project, a six-person team embarking on a musical and anthropological goodwill trip to Peru. The team will use recorded content from the trip to create continuing multimedia anthropology education programs for use in speaking engagements and university references nationwide, as well as develop a pilot for a potential network TV series. As the team's percussionist and head audio engineer, Holloway will capture all audio for the documentary, create a music database, record interviews, and manage post-production. He will also provide updates and live content via social media channels, online journals, and a daily blog. "Trellist empowers and encourages its employees to pursue their passions, and that's exactly what I'm doing by taking part in this amazing opportunity," says Holloway. Follow Tyler's trip at Full Story
Jul 12, 2013

Trellist Drives Strategy and Development to Enhance Global Biotech Client’s Online Presence

Trellist leveraged its strategic development, IT consulting, and marketing expertise to expand the online presence of a global biotechnology company focused on "exceptional science." This ambitious corporate website relaunch is a continuation of Trellist's prior success with the company's corporate branding engagement. Full Story
Jul 08, 2013

Regional Transportation Authority Chooses Trellist for IT Consulting and Direct Response Marketing Support

Trellist has entered into an agreement with a major regional transportation authority to recommend and implement a robust CRM platform and introduce targeted email to their existing direct response marketing strategy. Taking the first step in a projected long-term partnership, Trellist has reviewed existing customer data sources and requirements to assess the client's CRM platform needs. Currently, Trellist is advising the authority on the latest closed-loop marketing innovations and developing content and creative for targeted email marketing campaigns to track return on investment. In a future state, Trellist will use data and feedback from various touch points to recommend customer segmentation tactics, while also identifying new opportunities to strengthen customer loyalty. Full Story
Jul 02, 2013

Employees Take on Volunteer Positions, Strengthening Trellist in the Community

A number of Trellist employees recently accepted leadership positions with local volunteer organizations, further establishing the firm’s commitment to the community. Pat Toman has been elected to the board of directors of the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts; George Rotsch has been elected to the board of directors for the Tech Forum of Delaware; Maria Gunther has been elected to the board of directors for Delaware Greenways, a natural and scenic resource preservation organization; Josh Kelso has been elected to the board of directors at Supporting Kidds, a center for grieving children and their families; and Jenn Plichta is now a strategic consultant for the Delmarva Red Cross. These appointments add to Trellist’s ever-growing number of employees who hold key volunteer positions in organizations throughout the region, and further complement the firm’s effort to support area charities through volunteer hours, leadership skills, and donations. Full Story
Jun 20, 2013

Trellist Develops, Launches Video Training Series for Global Flooring Company

A New Jersey-based global flooring company has unveiled a series of video modules and interactive quizzes, developed and launched by Trellist, to educate sales professionals at specialty flooring retailers about effective sales techniques, the flooring company's long-standing brand, and its product lines. Trellist worked closely with the flooring company to develop a communication and launch strategy for the series, bringing experience and learnings from previous large-scale projects with the client. The success of the video training series has led to a consultative arrangement between Trellist and the flooring company for sales and communication strategies, as well as ongoing management and production of the video series. Full Story
Jun 17, 2013

Trellist to Develop Internal Campaign for Pharmaceutical Company

Trellist is developing an internal campaign for a mid-size global pharmaceutical company to address the company's acquisition by a larger pharmaceutical company. The campaign will communicate the message that despite restructuring due to the acquisition, the company will maintain and preserve the culture it has established over the years. Working with a theme provided by the corporate communications team, Trellist will create a new logo, messaging, positioning, presentations, and signage for the campaign. Full Story
Jun 11, 2013

Trellist Redesigning Web Portal for Financial Client’s Existing Customer Marketing

A large Fortune 500 financial services enterprise has retained Trellist to redesign a web portal used in its existing customer marketing (ECM) campaigns targeting millions of customers. The portal facilitates engagement across various product lifecycle strategies including onboarding, activation, usage, fulfillment, enrichment, retention, and cross-selling. Through the life of the project, Trellist will drive user experience enhancements, support expanded A/B testing, integrate better list building capabilities, create engaging campaign-level content, develop confirmation emails, and provide all CSS/HTML development. Full Story
Jun 07, 2013

Trellist to Develop eDetailing Programs for Global Pharmaceutical Client

Trellist has expanded its relationship with a global pharmaceutical leader by entering into an agreement to create and convert eDetailing content for the company's leading medications. These new programs will be developed using HTML5, run on an enterprise platform, and take advantage of the best native features of the iPad touch display. The content will help field sales representatives facilitate meaningful conversations with healthcare professionals. The first project involves converting existing electronic visual aids &mdash; also known as eDetails &mdash; from Flash to the newer HTML5 standard. Trellist was selected for this engagement based on its knowledge of the mobile platform, production efficiency, and familiarity with healthcare content. Full Story
May 30, 2013

Trellist Extends Relationship with Financial Client, Continues International Growth

Trellist has renewed its agreement with a leading Canadian financial services company and its credit card marketing division. The agreement allows Trellist to continue providing its proprietary marketing and technology services to this longstanding client, including digital marketing, website design and maintenance, email and direct mail strategy, and video development. It also provides Trellist with opportunities to expand its international presence by gaining exposure and developing relationships with key leaders in other divisions of the company.<br /><br /> Trellist brings many strengths to the relationship, including its successful digital marketing track record that leverages an innovative, "mobile first" mindset to ensure optimum performance across channels and devices. Full Story
May 24, 2013

Trellist to Brand Clinical Trials for Global Pharmaceutical Company

A global pharmaceutical firm has retained Trellist to provide branding strategy for a phase III program moving into clinical trials. Recruiting patients has become an immense challenge in this very competitive space. In an effort to build awareness and excitement for the program, Trellist will develop an entirely new brand concept, including the creation of an overall theme as well as names and logos for each of the clinical trials. Trellist was chosen for its marketing expertise, strategic brand consulting experience, and business reputation. Trellist is also planning to develop additional components for the client, including patient recruitment tools and collateral to generate interest among study investigators and coordinators. Full Story
May 23, 2013

Steven Singer Jewelers’ Marketing Director honored as "Marketer of the Year" by AMA's Philadelphia Chapter

The Philadelphia American Marketing Association honored LeeAnn Kindness, Marketing Director for Steven Singer Jewelers, with the "Marketer of the Year" Award for Business to Consumer Marketing at its Annual Awards Program on May 20, 2013. LeeAnn was honored for planning the development and implementation of a multi-channel digital direct response campaign leveraging Steven Singer Jewelers' offline marketing initiatives in outdoor and radio. She led the program to drive sales during holiday shopping periods. The judges recognized the program's 50% increase in sales over the previous year and incredible 1,028% ROI. Trellist congratulates LeeAnn and Steven Singer Jewelers for this accolade and all of their accomplishments.<br /><br /><a href="/pdf/PressRelease -- Philly AMA Selects Steven Singer as Marketer of the Year.pdf" target="_blank">Read the Full Press Release</a> Full Story
May 20, 2013

Trellist Develops YouTube Channel for Leading Prescription Medication

Trellist is developing a YouTube channel for a leading medication of a global pharmaceutical company. Following the new requirements for YouTube brand channels, Trellist will design the channel to include new formats, features, and functionality. Trellist will also develop marketing support for the channel in the form of ad placement throughout YouTube to build awareness, drive traffic, and increase sales. The new YouTube channel will be the first for this global pharma leader. Trellist was chosen for its marketing experience, technology leadership, and track record with e-Detailing and social media strategy. Full Story
May 16, 2013

Philly Tech Week Design Competition Winners Spotlighted in New Video

Trellist hosted "Technically Challenged &mdash; A Battle of the Brains" during Philly Tech Week to demonstrate how rapid creative thinking and technical knowledge come together to solve real business challenges. Some of Philly’s brightest technologists, designers, entrepreneurs and strategists were grouped together to see which team could develop the most innovative solution. <br /><br /> The video recap of "Technically Challenged" is now available <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>. <br /><br /> <a href="/pdf/PressRelease-Trellist Announces Philly Tech Week Event Winners.pdf">See the full release.</a> Full Story
May 07, 2013

Trellist to Develop Extensive Series of Learning Modules for Global Chemical Company

Trellist will provide strategic and tactical execution services to a global chemical company to create a comprehensive in-person and digital self-paced curriculum to introduce the company's new Adobe CQ digital marketing platform and provide instruction on its use to its global internal stakeholders. The training will be delivered via a series of 35 to 45 eLearning video modules. The modules will be presented as 10-minute-long "chapters." Trellist will design and develop the content for all training materials and videos. Trellist will also develop a site to house the training materials and modules leveraging the company’s SharePoint platform. The company selected Trellist for the program based on Trellist's ability to handle all aspects of the creative, development and implementation of the eLearning series – eliminating the company’s need to work with multiple partners. Full Story
Apr 30, 2013

Trellist Develops Training Series for Flooring Manufacturer to Educate Retail Sales Professionals

Trellist is currently developing an online training series for a global flooring manufacturer. The series, comprised of video modules and interactive quizzes, is designed to better educate specialty flooring retail sales professionals on general selling techniques and the manufacturer's line of flooring products. The series emphasizes the importance of the relationship between the flooring manufacturer, distributor, and the specialty flooring retailer. Trellist has also been retained to provide strategic consulting services related to the internal launch of the educational series. Full Story
Apr 18, 2013

Trellist to Sponsor Public Speaking Contest at the University of Delaware

On April 18th, Trellist will be sponsoring "Now Hear This UD!," a public speaking contest at the University of Delaware. More than 50 students signed up for the competition, and preliminary rounds narrowed the field to seven finalists who will compete in the final round. The speeches will be evaluated by a panel of expert and celebrity judges.<br /><br /> This contest is designed to demonstrate the importance of communications, with the added goal of empowering university students to use their voices and public speaking in creating the future. Trellist is sponsoring "Now Hear This UD!" in order to support the University of Delaware's goal of fostering effective communication skills among students, and to recognize the important role public speaking plays in business and our community. The event is organized by the University's Department of Communications. Full Story
Apr 09, 2013

Trellist Helps Leading Financial Institution Make Online Content Accessible to People with Disabilities

Trellist is helping a leading financial institution make their customer loyalty sites more accessible to people with disabilities. This action follows a recent court case in which a major internet retailer was challenged for not complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (the "ADA"). Full Story
Mar 28, 2013

Trellist to Host Rumble-Style Philly Tech Week Event

As part of Philly Tech Week, Trellist will be hosting "Technically Challenged&mdash; A Battle of the Brains" on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 from 6-9pm at First Round Capital Holdings at 4040 Locust Street in Philadelphia. Philly's best and brightest technologists, designers, entrepreneurs and strategists are invited to go "head to head" in a competition to see who can develop the most innovative and creative solution to a complex business problem. Full Story
Mar 22, 2013

Trellist Transitions Global Science Leader to New Adobe Search Platform

Trellist has been retained by a global science leader to transition the client's internal search engine for its 40,000-page website from a dedicated Google Search Appliance to an Adobe SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. The new SaaS-based platform will improve users' experience when searching the website, and it allows the client to move away from a dedicated server and typical data center hosting.<br /><br /> The client chose Trellist based on their technical experience in server administration and configuration, as well as its deep understanding and experience in SEO, metadata, and content optimization. Trellist will also provide services to improve search results through mapping of metadata, URL mapping, and refining of search results through facets related to country and region. Full Story
Mar 19, 2013

Highly Targeted Campaign Delivers Significant ROI for Major Jewelry Retailer

Trellist generated a significant return for a major Philadelphia-based jewelry retailer through the creation and implementation of a highly targeted email and paid search campaign strategy. The campaign's messaging was a continuation of the retailer's year round brand and product messaging, but highlighted the unique products available for Valentine's Day. Trellist launched the campaign for the retailer well before the Valentine's Day rush, to capture a greater share of early holiday sales. The campaign was designed to convert the awareness raised by radio and billboard campaigns, into online sales. <br /><br /> The retailer realized a 22% year over year increase in holiday revenue associated with email and paid search campaigns. These results mirrored those from the previous year when the retailer realized over a 20% revenue increase as well. This marks the 7th year that Trellist has worked with the retailer and provided strong ROI. Full Story
Mar 04, 2013

Trellist Named Agency of Record for Provider of Business Services

Trellist has been selected as the agency of record for a global provider of corporate business services and will be responsible for the development of a comprehensive marketing program to grow the provider's business via new customer acquisition and increasing existing customer loyalty. Trellist has been working with the company since 2011, providing a combination of digital marketing services and back-end technology support, most recently creating a self-service environment for the company's clients. Going forward, Trellist will provide both strategic vision and services to execute on that vision, including analysis, design, development, planning, and media procurement. Becoming the company's primary agency further establishes Trellist's leadership role as consultants in branding, marketing and technical solutions; and reflects Trellist's continuous goal of growing its roster of long-term relationships. Full Story
Feb 07, 2013

Trellist Helps Snowboard Start-Up Launch in Time for Tradeshow

Trellist is working with an Oregon-based designer and manufacturer to promote their line of hand crafted skis and snowboards. An e-commerce website was developed and launched for the start-up in less than two weeks to coincide with the company's attendance at an upcoming trade show event. Trellist will continue to provide the company with services as needed through Trellist's Emerging Business Program, which focuses on the unique needs of growing businesses and non-profit organizations. Full Story
Feb 01, 2013

Responsive Design Utilized to Improve User Experience for Financial Institution Customers

Trellist has been engaged by a major US Financial Institution to enhance the user experience of their online customer acquisition forms across all platforms, including mobile devices. Trellist will perform an audit of the institution’s current application process on an array of smart phones and tablets, and will then provide recommendations on how best to optimize for the user. In order to demonstrate how a new application will adjust across devices, Trellist will create a functional prototype as a proof of concept, utilizing the principles of responsive design. The design approach, which will improve user experience and eliminate the need to create and maintain multiple versions of the application, allows just one set of code to be built which automatically adjusts to the screen size of a user's device. Full Story
Jan 24, 2013

Successful Acquisition Grows Combined Sales of Business Unit by 275% in 15 Months

Trellist has successfully acquired FORTHRIGHT Consulting&reg; in order to expand its ability to deliver marketing and technology professional services through flexible outsourced and agency staffing models. Just 15 months after acquiring the firm, Trellist has reported a 275% increase in combined sales for Trellist's existing Resource Management Division and FORTHRIGHT Consulting. While more than 60% of acquisitions fail, the integration of FORTHRIGHT Consulting has been a success for everyone involved—beyond the substantial increase in sales, the combined Resource Management Division has introduced new professional service offerings to FORTHRIGHT's clients and additional resource management services to Trellist's clients. Full Story
Jan 07, 2013

Trellist to Develop a Mobile Application Designed to Create a Better Moving Experience for Transferees

Trellist has been engaged by a leading edge global relocation company to develop a mobile application which will reduce the stress that accompanies moving. The application, to be built just for transferees, will include features such as expense reporting, inventory management for moving boxes, checklists and destination information. In order to personalize the experience, Trellist will make enhancements to the company's backend system which will allow for integration with individual user information. The app will be available on iOS and Android-based phones and is expected to launch during the first quarter of 2013. Full Story
Dec 12, 2012

Trellist Promotes Charitable Giving in Many Ways

In the longstanding tradition of making donations to local, regional and national charities, Trellist is helping make a difference for those in need this holiday season by supporting The American Red Cross, Supporting Kidds, and a third charity which will be named later this month. Full Story
Nov 21, 2012

Trellist to Provide IT Support Services for Global Components Supplier

An emerging industrial components manufacturing firm has outsourced their IT Support to Trellist. Our Resource Management Group will provide hardware, software and infrastructure support for the global business including a new cloud collaboration email platform, IT help desk services, and hardware installation. Trellist will also develop the IT strategy for long-term growth. Full Story
Nov 17, 2012

Trellist Initiates 2013 Strategic Planning for Biomedical Industry Leader

Trellist is currently working with the Corporate Advocacy team within a leading biotechnology firm to develop their marketing plan for the coming year. Trellist will create an overall strategy that blends traditional branding, online marketing and advertising with social media, video communications, and mobile technology. Corporate Advocacy is one of the three primary groups within the client's organization that Trellist supports; Trellist will soon commence planning for their other teams. Full Story
Nov 09, 2012

Trellist Practice Leader in Mobile Technology Speaks at Temple University

Jim Dixon, Practice Leader in Mobile Marketing at Trellist, recently spoke to students and faculty at Temple University in Philadelphia. Full Story
Nov 05, 2012

Leading Financial Institution Selects Trellist to Develop Animated 3D Product Videos

A top-ten national financial institution has selected Trellist to apply its expertise in video and interactive marketing in the creation of 3D animated video programs that highlight consumer banking product features. These innovative videos will combine interactive marketing and eLearning strategies to engage and motivate current bank customers. Trellist will work with members of the financial institution’s Brand Team, Communications Group and Bank Operations to develop and manage programs. Full Story
Nov 05, 2012

Non-Traditional Hiring Creates Jobs and Intelligent Solutions

Trellist has intensified their hiring efforts after experiencing success with their forward thinking approach. Full Story
Oct 26, 2012

Trellist Develops New Approach to Sales Training Through eLearning

Working with a leader in interior design products, Trellist is creating a high impact eLearning program for use by the client's distribution representatives as a key sales tool for their retail sales associates. This program combines powerful video modules with short quizzes, designed to provide relevant product information and define key selling benefits. Additionally, the developed approach is mobile friendly allowing for future sales floor or group training. Full Story
Oct 11, 2012

High Growth Firm Reinventing the Traditional Board of Directors

Trellist Marketing and Technology has added a business savvy twist to the traditional structure of a Board of Directors and introduced its Board of Activators. Full Story
Aug 28, 2012

Trellist Expands Role with Major Financial Institution to Provide Business-Critical IT Support

Over the past 18 months, Trellist has expanded its role with a major financial services institution, providing business-critical IT and Application Development services to manage applications that support millions of consumer banking customers. The expanded role includes business analysis, project management, platform development, Q&A testing and development release support. These new roles enable Trellist to provide an additive and complementary value to the bank, enabling efficiencies and streamlined development processes. Full Story
Aug 24, 2012

Trellist Provides IT Management and Consulting for Specialized Business Services Firm

A national supplier of corporate giftware continues its relationship with Trellist for turnkey solutions in IT and Application Development, allowing the NY-based firm to support multiple client-branded websites and e-commerce platforms. The relationship, now in its fourth year, allows the firm to concentrate on new customer acquisition while relying on Trellist to implement value-added services for their clients. Trellist will provide technical services including upgrades to the shopping cart and e-commerce platform, Ariba, PeopleSoft, and QuickBooks integration, upgrades to administrative tools and dashboard functionality, security enhancement, and report development. Full Story
Aug 06, 2012

Trellist Retained to Develop Multi-Channel Sweepstakes Promotion

Trellist has developed a multi-channel campaign to support a sweepstakes promotion targeting customers of a co-branded credit card. This campaign is focused on building awareness for the sweepstakes promotion and increasing cardholder engagement. Trellist collaborated with its client to develop the campaign strategy, including messaging and creative executions. The campaign is being implemented in electronic media, print and outdoor signage that support the positioning and style guidelines of both major brands. The campaign launched in August and will run through the end of the year. Full Story
Jul 16, 2012

Trellist Helps Industry Leader Capitalize on Global and Mobile Opportunities

Trellist has been engaged to help a leader in high-quality portable lighting solutions become a globally recognized brand. By creating a global website template that provides more visual and structural flexibility, Trellist will provide an optimized user experience that is able to adjust to any language or culture. To further connect with global markets and respond to the firm's ever increasing mobile user base, Trellist is also developing a mobile-optimized website that allows users easy access to products, down to technical specifications, right from their mobile device. Full Story
Jun 26, 2012

Trellist to Develop and Manage Integrated Communications Campaign with Doctors, Pharmacists and Patients

A leading biopharmaceutical firm has selected Trellist to create an integrated communications program that will help physicians provide their patients with better care, and help patients with financial constraints to afford the medicine they need. Trellist will develop the strategies to facilitate the enrollment of eligible patients into a co-pay relief program, enabling Health Care Providers to educate patients and better manage the program. The multi-channel effort will include print materials such as marketing brochures, reference guides, and program administration tools. Trellist will also develop the program website, a physician’s portal and online video components. Full Story
Jun 05, 2012

Working with Global Brand Team, Trellist Initiates Communications Program, Including Video, for New Diabetes Drug

Trellist will begin working with a Global Brand Team for a new, combination diabetes drug that is being marketed under a partnership between two major pharmaceutical companies. The first initiative is a global sales education program designed to energize the sales team and provide product education to field sales representatives in several countries. This creative, three-part video series utilizes motion graphics, 3D animation, and video content to support the promotional theme. Trellist will provide scripting, talent search, and story board development as well as video production (including animation and editing) and technical services for the video series. Full Story
Jun 05, 2012

Trellist to Sponsor Delaware TechForum’s June Meeting on Mobile Technology

With 150+ million smartphone users in the U.S., mobile consumers are changing how they interact with brands, where and when they do business, and how they define "value" and "service". To explore these and other concepts, Trellist will sponsor a panel discussion titled "How Mobile Technology is Redefining the Customer Experience," at the June 20th meeting of the Technology Forum of Delaware. Full Story
May 14, 2012

Trellist Awarded Microsoft Gold Certification; Only Firm in the Region with Broad Capabilities to be Recognized.

Trellist has been awarded Microsoft's Gold Certification as an Independent Software Vendor. This award recognizes that Trellist is in the top 1% of Microsoft Partners worldwide demonstrating best-in-class expertise in the development of software applications using Microsoft SQL, Windows Server, Windows 7 and Microsoft Cloud Services. Further, Trellist is the only firm in the region combining IT &amp; application development along with professional services, including marketing, business strategy and eLearning services, that has earned this technical certification. Full Story
May 14, 2012

Analyzing User Trends, Trellist Leads Swimwear Retailer to Launch Mobile Marketing Strategy, with Immediate Impact on User Engagement and Sales

Trellist has expanded its relationship with the leading resort wear retailer to successfully launch a program enabling women to purchase high-end swimwear using their mobile phones. Following the development of the company’s eCommerce website, Trellist identified trends indicating a significant number of users access the eCommerce site on mobile devices. In order to better serve the needs of this growing segment of consumers, Trellist recommended, designed, developed and launched a mobile-optimized eCommerce platform. Early season metrics indicate the new mobile site has increased the number of page-views per visit, increased length of time each customer spends on the site and even out-performed initial forecasted sales numbers via mobile devices. Full Story
Jan 28, 2012

Trellist Explains the “Challenges of Going Mobile” to Public Relations Society

On Thursday, January 27, Trellist Practice Area leads, Jim Dixon and Jim Auer, spoke to the Public Relations Society of America about the many challenges of creating successful mobile marketing strategies. The presentation covered the range of issues that marketers need to consider when addressing mobile communications, including the highly fragmented technology landscape and the need to create brand experiences that align with, rather than ignore, the unique attributes of mobile devices. Following the presentation, the audience of public relations professionals and other marketers participated in a lengthy question and answer session on the complexity of mobile and how to make it work for their businesses. Full Story
Jan 23, 2012

Trellist to Expand Support for Patient Advocacy Program to Help Infants

In 2012, Trellist will expand its involvement with an Advocacy Program that enables caregivers, healthcare workers and community organizations to better support the needs of a special group of newborn infants. The program provides educational opportunities and helps interested people get involved in the struggle to provide specialized care for these infants. Recently, Trellist has been engaged to raise awareness for the program through online marketing and video communications. Trellist will now provide strategic communications support and a quarterly communications program to inform and educate the community. Full Story
Jan 16, 2012

Trellist Upgrades Printer’s Legacy Production Management System

Trellist worked with a leader in specialized printing to provide a gateway to integrate their internal systems with an online order entry system. Trellist updated the ordering process to work directly with their production and management software for Print production (EFI Monarch). The gateway converted and rerouted the existing order processes, including both business logic and UIs, to the EFI gateway so that data is always updated in real time with the Monarch Database. Trellist also upgraded the data mapping of the SQL-Monarch entity model to work with the existing system. Finally, Trellist assisted in upgrading the workflow transition creating new web based tool sets to help streamline inventory management, post order processing, and reports. Full Story
Dec 12, 2011

Trellist Helps Launch Green Roofing Materials in Global Markets

Trellist will expand its relationship with a leading U.S. green roofing materials manufacturer to help promote sustainable urban environments across Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile. The engagement includes development and implementation of a multi-lingual website, and video, as well as SEO in Spanish. The program will adapt marketing strategies and themes to those new regions. Full Story
Nov 20, 2011

eMarketing Initiative with Trellist Creates Significant Lift in Qualified Leads for B2B Technology Firm

Trellist led a marcom engagement to reorganize content, restructure product offerings and redevelop key marketing messages for a leader in B2B telecommunications services. After the restructuring of information, Trellist put this content into an updated user interface that helps the visitor get the information they need and lead them towards conversion. Following the launch, the client realized a 1,000% increase in qualified business leads. These results were achieved even before the launch of new marketing campaigns and before search rankings improved. Full Story
Oct 24, 2011

Trellist Honored as Silver Award Winner at the In-Store Marketing Institute’s Annual Conference

Trellist and Priscilla of Boston received a Silver Award at the Design of the Times Competition hosted by the In-Store Marketing Institute. Trellist was invited to display a touch screen application used in specialty retail at the Institute’s 2011 national convention in Chicago. The in-store application demonstrates how advanced technology can enhance the customers shopping experience, reducing the time to make a decision by 80%. Trellist’s retail marketing work was judged by a panel of 40 in-store marketing experts beating in-store marketing firms who submitted work for Adidas, Nike, Mattel, Verizon and P&G. Full Story
Sep 26, 2011

Following Insightful Market Research and Strategy Phase, Trellist to Develop New Marketing and Recruiting Campaign for Industry-Leading Healthcare Firm

For the past several months, Trellist has worked with an industry-leading health care firm to develop a new strategy for building the practice. Trellist has gathered primary and secondary market research, facilitated internal planning sessions and developed a strategic communication platform that will provide a new message and communications strategy for the business. As the relationship with the client continues, Trellist is now prepared to launch a multi-channel lead generation campaign, which will include a new creative strategy, to be implemented through online and offline media. Full Story
Sep 19, 2011

Trellist Resource Management Division Initiates Secure Document Management for Global Science Leader

Trellist&rsquo;s Resource Management Division is working with a Global Science Leader to develop a migration strategy for 500 document management repositories. Trellist will manage and staff a multi-month project to transform the applications onto a more secure platform using SharePoint 2010 and technologies. The client required that the outsourcing partner have knowledge of the current database system, an understanding of their core business structure and experience with the new platforms. In addition, the work needed to be done on-shore and by U.S. Citizens. To manage and execute the migration strategy, Trellist has supplied a knowledgeable team that fulfills the specialized requirements outlined by the client. Full Story
Sep 06, 2011

Flooring Manufacturer Steps Up in Search Rankings, Achieving Measurable Boost in Site Traffic

Trellist has increased organic search traffic by 25% for a major manufacture of hard surface flooring. This improvement resulted from an upgrade to the keyword strategy, developed during an SEO engagement in the 2nd quarter of this year. Trellist provided a tactical approach and deployed a proven methodology that included a review of the client’s inbound marketing strategy and analytics, as well as a new SEO strategy and best practices. Trellist delivered a series of strategic recommendations and then implemented the plan in collaboration with the client’s marketing team. Full Story
Aug 29, 2011

Trellist Developing Downloadable Mobile Application for Patients and Physicians

Trellist was selected to develop a prototype application that will help primary care physicians access the latest clinical data for treating Rumatoid Arthritis. The project will enable doctors to more rapidly access important information while working directly with patients. Full Story
Aug 22, 2011

Trellist Supports Innovative Peer-to-Peer Payment Solutions Using Bump Technology

In collaboration with a national banking leader, Trellist is integrating &quot;bump&quot; technology into a new application to enable peer-to-peer payments. In support of the project strategy, the Trellist team is applying skills from mobile application development experts, user experience designers and marketing communications professionals. This leading technology supports a brand of innovation, enabling the client to provide solutions of convenience and relevance by allowing customers to transfer funds between cell phone users quickly and easily. Full Story
Aug 15, 2011

Using Proprietary eLearning Platform, Trellist helps Global Science and Health Information Publisher Provide Online Access to Over 140 eLearning Programs

Over the past 5 years, Trellist has helped develop 140 eLearning modules using a proprietary platform engineered for a global provider of science and health publications that enhance higher education. The platform and functionality has evolved, with recent improvements such as support for non-flash-enabled devices (including iPads) and has incorporated device detection to deliver a seamless user experience. Each eLearning program accompanies a medical or graduate studies text book and provides supplemental video-based content. Trellist has worked with the content providers to convert the material into effective supporting information for the text book. With a high level of customization and a range of functionality, Trellist has developed and refined the solution for eLearning delivery continuing to provide the client with greater value and service compared to off-shore alternatives. Full Story
Aug 08, 2011

B2B Data Communications Provider Selects Trellist to Improve Online Lead Generation Process

Trellist has been selected by a B2B technology company to increase online lead generation. The project, which leverages a combination of e-Marketing best-practices, user experience expertise and marketing communications, integrates with CRM technology to drive qualified prospects from inquiry through to the point of sale. The marketing program seeks to increase the efficiency, increase the volume and improve the quality of new business leads for the client. The data communications firm, headquartered in New York City. Full Story
Aug 01, 2011

International Financial Services Firm Looks to Trellist to Support Canadian Market

A leading financial services corporation has expanded its relationship with Trellist to deliver innovative marketing promotional campaigns throughout the Canadian market. As part of the multi-year agreement, Trellist will provide strategy and implementation for marketing programs, incorporating e-Marketing and video education to increase new customer acquisition and customer loyalty within Canada. Trellist will leverage its core understanding of the financial services industry and flexible production methodology to deliver strategic communications and tactical development. These services will be provided from Trellist&rsquo;s Wilmington, DE headquarters to support marketing teams located throughout Canada. Full Story
Jul 25, 2011

Mobile Video Marketing Provides Opportunity for Strong ROI

Trellist has been retained to integrate video, motion graphics and 3D content with mobile marketing projects in support of product campaigns for a leading financial services organization. Using a combination of cutting-edge technology, user experience expertise and marketing strategy, these video campaigns are expected to demonstrate positive ROI and expanded market reach when compared with traditional approaches. In collaboration with the client, the Trellist team has defined a process to measure and analyze response and lift resulting from the campaign. If successful, the new approach to direct marketing will be adapted for consumer, health care and financial marketing programs. Full Story
Jul 18, 2011

Trellist to Build Global Marketing Collaboration Platform for New Brand of Drug at Major Pharma Firm

Trellist has been hired to develop a marketing and sales collaboration platform in support of a new brand of drug recently approved for commercialization by the FDA. The communications platform will leverage Microsoft SharePoint 2010 to facilitate global coordination among the pharmaceutical client&rsquo;s sales and marketing teams. Trellist will work with the client&rsquo;s brand team to implement SharePoint, develop organized content and enable and educate the global team using customized tutorials. Full Story
Jul 11, 2011

Governor Jack Markell Identifies Trellist a “great company” on CNBC Interview

In an interview with CNBC&rsquo;s Squawk Box Heads of State on July 11, Governor Jack Markell recognized Trellist, along with leading companies such as DuPont, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and ING Direct, for contributing to a culture of innovation and job growth in Delaware. Discussing the importance the city of Wilmington plays in the state&rsquo;s economy, Gov. Markell noted Trellist&rsquo;s prominent location across from the Amtrak train station in downtown Wilmington and highlighted Trellist as an example of a &quot;great company…doing really terrific things.&quot; <a href="" target="_blank">Click here</a> to view the interview on CNBC. Full Story
Jun 27, 2011

Global Science Company Draws on Trellist&rsquo;s Resource Management Division for Specialized Skills to Support Company-Wide IT Platform Migration

Trellist is providing business analysis and project planning resources for a leading, global science organization to migrate 4,000 users from IBM to Microsoft-based email, collaboration, and social media technologies. A full suite of products including Microsoft Lync, SharePoint 2010 and an integrated environment of externally hosted and on-site infrastructure are part of the migration. Change management plays a key role in any technology initiative, and Trellist&rsquo;s Resource Management Division is assisting the client with the technology, process implementation and communication needed to drive a culture of collaboration. Full Story
Jun 13, 2011

Innovative Use of QR Technology is a Win-Win for Retailers and Consumers

Working with a manufacturer of specialty components for automobiles, Trellist has initiated a new program that incorporates QR codes into product packaging to provide the installer and/or car owners with technical support. This approach is designed to enable installers to scan a QR code and quickly pull up a mobile optimized video informing them of proper installation and maintenance. Creative use of QR technology is a win-win&mdash;helping consumers to navigate installation and technical issues while also building brand loyalty and ROI for retailers that facilitate technical support. Full Story
Jun 06, 2011

Trellist&rsquo;s Approach to Direct Response Continues to Deliver Significant ROI

A major Philadelphia-based jewelry retailer increased eCommerce sales by 44% over the same period last year using a Trellist method of Direct Response Marketing. This approach applies classic marketing fundamentals to new and emerging media, resulting in increased campaign effectiveness and efficiency. The Trellist team has demonstrated similar results in six other retail and consumer marketing segments in the past six months. Full Story
May 16, 2011

Delaware Art Museum Launches the &quot;Art is...&quot; Campaign

The Delaware Art Museum recently launched a new campaign to generate excitement as the museum approaches its centennial celebration. The &quot;Art is...&quot; campaign is designed to transcend age and &quot;redefine&quot; art as passion, adventure, accessible and, most importantly, personal. Trellist&rsquo;s Small &amp; Emerging Business Group developed the campaign, including messaging, creative design and selection of media outlets, in collaboration with the Delaware Art Museum. The &quot;Art is...&quot; campaign launched in May across various channels, which include radio, outdoor, social media, website and online display advertising. Full Story
May 02, 2011

Insight from Business Strategy Engagement Leads to New eBusiness Initiatives

Trellist is expanding its relationship with a leading automotive parts supplier in 2011 and 2012. The new initiatives follow a market assessment conducted by the consultants in Trellist&rsquo;s Business Strategy Practice Area. This engagement demonstrates the value of a comprehensive evaluation of business objectives in understanding how to best leverage market trends, competitive positioning and sales channels when implementing new marketing and technology strategies. Full Story
Apr 27, 2011

Racecar Graphics Help to Maximize Value of Sponsorship

Trellist’s new Automotive and Motorsports Practice Area is helping a regional healthcare company to maximize corporate branding opportunities in motorsports marketing by designing graphics for the company-sponsored car. The new graphics resulted in a bold and eye-catching car, prominently highlighting the sponsor’s logo and capitalizing on passive brand impressions while maximizing exposure. Full Story
Apr 20, 2011

Leading National Swimwear Retailer Expands Relationship with Trellist to Strengthen Branding and eCommerce Program

Trellist is expanding its relationship with a leading national swimwear retailer to implement a new brand and identity strategy on their eCommerce platform as part of a corporation wide rebranding effort. Trellist will also develop new strategies to improve product presentation, a new mobile eCommerce site for purchasing via Smartphone and tablet devices which will connect mobile users to retail store promotions. The new eCommerce program will launch for the 2011 summer season. Full Story
Apr 19, 2011

Leader in Home Decor Initiate New Program to Develop Multi-Phase Mobile Strategy Capitalizing on Important Retail Trends

Trellist has expanded its relationship with a national leader in home décor manufacturing to develop a strategy for mobile marketing. Trellist will first create a mobile-optimized website that focuses on content most frequently accessed by customers and will then follow up with a phase two strategy to include native mobile applications, point of purchase strategies and tablet-based sales tools. Full Story
Apr 18, 2011

Midsize Global Pharma Firm Selects Trellist for .Net Migration

Trellist recently completed the redeployment of a site for a mid-size global pharmaceuticals company. Working with the client’s internal IT Department, Trellist converted one of their newly launched product sites developed in PHP over to their internal standard for .NET. This platform change eliminated the search engine on the site, which Trellist replaced with an open source solution. The project team from Trellist’s IT & Application Development Practice Area completed the conversion of the site in just 7 weeks. Full Story
Apr 15, 2011

Trellist to Provide Communications Services to Global Pharmaceutical Company

Trellist has received additional assignments from a global pharmaceutical manufacturer to provide marketing communications services for all internal and external communications. In this expanded relationship, Trellist will develop multi-channel programs for implementation in all media, both digital and traditional. Full Story
Apr 14, 2011

Trellist to Provide Tech Support to Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer

A global provider of veterinary medicines has selected Trellist to provide technical support services. Trellist will expand its long-term relationship with the client to deliver on-demand support for multiple websites across the company’s product lines. Full Story
Apr 14, 2011

Trellist to Implement Social Media Program for Launch of Television Series

Trellist has been selected to support the launch of a new series for a leading television network. Trellist will provide implementation services for a national social media strategy using Facebook, YouTube and Twitter as well as implement and manage various initiatives designed to increase awareness, promote participation and generate viewer involvement in the new series. Full Story
Mar 21, 2011

Cinequest Film Festival Features Touchscreen Application from Trellist and HP

For the Cinequest Film Festival in Silicon Valley, California, Trellist developed an interactive touchscreen program guide using Hewlett Packard's TouchSmart&trade; PC technology to help attendees better navigate through the many movies, events and attractions. The application allowed individuals to easily access movie schedules, promote tickets, and get general information more quickly and efficiently. Trellist developed the application in collaboration with HP, who sponsored the Film Festival. Full Story
Mar 16, 2011

Trellist Sponsors Industry Forum on 3D Entertainment Trends

At the Technology Forum of Delaware&rsquo;s meeting on March 16th, Trellist sponsored the program on 3D, gaming and entertainment technology and its current impact on corporate communications. Corey Sayers, Senior Associate in Creative Strategy, participated as a panelist declaring that, &quot;Digital entertainment and experiential advertising is quickly moving from a &rsquo;blockbuster genre&rsquo; to a mainstream marketing strategy. The technology is evolving rapidly due to new tools that enable more efficient production techniques.&quot; Full Story
Feb 18, 2011

Trellist Adds Illuminated Building Sign to Mark the Firm's Continued Expansion

Trellist<sup>&reg;</sup> Marketing and Technology added a new illuminated sign to the Riverfront last night as it lit its new 23 foot sign on one of Wilmington’s most distinctive buildings. The new sign represents the home of the region’s premier professional services firm for marketing, design and technology, and demonstrates its commitment to expansion in the City of Wilmington. Full Story
Jan 31, 2011

Performance of Direct Response Campaigns Leads to Expansion of Business Relationship with National Banking Leader

Following a series of successful multi-channel direct response marketing campaigns, Trellist has entered into another retainer agreement with a leader in the financial services industry to provide Design & Development services. Over the past 18 months, campaign performance has exceeded benchmarks from previous initiatives as measured by the bank's direct response marketing group. Trellist's unique approach to campaign strategy along with experience inside and outside of the financial services industry has led to continued client success.  Full Story
Jan 17, 2011

Trellist to Develop New Touchscreen Applications for Private Practice Physicians

Trellist, in a partnership with HP, has started development of a new type of patient education program designed to educate patients while in the waiting room using advanced touch screen technology.  The new applications will be tested and released in spring 2011. Full Story
Jan 10, 2011

Trellist to Provide Public Affairs/Issues Advocacy Support for Health Care Data Leader

Trellist is now working with the General Council and the Director of External Affairs at a Health Care Data Leader to develop online tactical support for the pending First Amendment case that will be heard by the US Supreme Court in April. Trellist will provide Design & Development Services in Marketing & Branding for the client's Public Affairs Team. Full Story
Jan 03, 2011

Green Businesses Working with Trellist's Marketing & Branding Practice to Accelerate Growth

Trellist has won three new accounts that provide green business solutions and environmentally friendly services. Each is now pursuing aggressive expansion plans and has retained Trellist to provide brand strategy, communication planning, online marketing and/or campaign development to implement aggressive growth plans for 2011. Trellist is working with area firms that have a leadership position in green roofing, green cleaning services and remanufactured auto parts. Each business will work with Trellist's Marketing & Branding Practice for Marketing Strategy and Marketing Communications services. Full Story
Dec 27, 2010

Trellist New Hires Bring Wide Range of Skills and Experience

Trellist has announced the hiring of seven new professionals in the fourth quarter to support expansion plans in key areas of the company. The new staff is expected to support Trellist's expansion in Health Care, Financial and Professional Services industry practices, and support new services in IT & Application Development, Marketing & Branding and Business Strategy. The new additions include marketing, technical, copywriting and project management skills as well as senior leads in Business Strategy and Mobile Marketing. Full Story
Dec 20, 2010

Trellist Holiday Campaign Donates to Two Charities that Enable Children to Experience Art and Technology

On behalf of its staff, clients and business friends, Trellist Marketing and Technology is making a contribution to two regional organizations that help children explore their potential in art and technology. As part of its 2010 Holiday Campaign, Trellist will focus on giving children access to educational opportunities that may inspire young students to identify their passion and interests in these fields. Full Story
Dec 13, 2010

Trellist Develops Revolutionary User Interface for Global Instrumentation Leader

Trellist has developed a new touchscreen interface that provides the operators of sophisticated testing and measurement instruments with improved ease of use for increased productivity. Trellist provided Design & Development services from experts in Information Architecture and Design as well as developers from our IT & Application Development Practice Area. Full Story
Dec 06, 2010

Trellist Expands with Special Focus on Automotive & Motorsports

Trellist announces its sixth Industry Practice with the addition of the new Automotive & Motorsports focus.  Trellist is leveraging its experience with global manufacturers, retailers and professional services companies, combined with automotive industry experts and enthusiasts to deliver innovative solutions to this exciting and growing marketplace.  Trellist provides Strategic Consulting as well as Design & Development services to automotive and part manufacturers, suppliers, and motorsport organizations. Full Story
Nov 29, 2010

Trellist Takes New Approach to SharePoint program

Trellist has been retained by a global pharmaceuticals leader to accelerate internal adoption of SharePoint among their Brand teams.  Trellist will employ its technical development skills, creative design capabilities and the Education & eLearning Practice Area in this effort.  Trellist will provide creative strategy, interface design, usability and content development for the SharePoint platform using experts from our Marketing & Branding Practice.  With experts from our Education & eLearning Practice, Trellist will also develop e-learning programs to highlight key features and functionality that will encourage employees to adopt and use SharePoint.  Full Story
Nov 22, 2010

Blended Staffing Approach Delivering Custom ERP System for Leading Independent Retailer

Trellist is engaged with a leading Philadelphia retailer in developing a custom ERP solution to deliver more valuable logistics and business intelligence across their enterprise. Utilizing Trellist's blended staffing approach, this engagement employs Trellist marketing consultants as well as resources provided by Trellist's Resource Management division, resulting in an innovative and flexible mode of operation. Full Story
Nov 08, 2010

Trellist Expands Program with Medical Records Innovator

Following the completion of a Brand Strategy Engagement, Trellist's team has been selected to implement the brand positioning campaign and redevelop the client's communications programs, marketing materials and website. Full Story
Nov 01, 2010

eCommerce Success Leads to Marketing Engagement for 2011

Trellist will continue to guide the eCommerce efforts for a National Swimwear Leader in the 2011 season. Previously, Trellist upgraded the user experience, developed a creative strategy, developed eCommerce strategy that helped increase sales by more than 200%. Trellist will now provide Marketing & Branding and IT & Application Development services. Full Story
Oct 11, 2010

Trellist Helps Washington DC Advocacy Group Expand National Memberships

Trellist has been selected to provide Design & Development services to support a campaign to increase membership nationwide. The program will include new messaging strategy, literature and direct response mailings to reach potential new members of the organization. Full Story
Oct 04, 2010

Trellist Utlizes Amazon to Accelerate eCommerce Development

Trellist has designed, developed and executed a full-service e-commerce site in less than 6 weeks leveraging Amazon's technology.  The successful launch of this site represented our client's first ever direct-to-consumer shopping experience as a leading global manufacturer. Full Story
Sep 20, 2010

Trellist selected as AOR for the Delaware Art Museum and the 100thAnniversary Celebration

Trellist has been named the “Agency of Record” for the Delaware Art Museum and will lead the development and implementation of a new marketing campaign to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Museum in 2012. Trellist will provide strategy, consulting, marketing and technology services to support planning and the implementation of the campaign over the next several years. Full Story
Sep 06, 2010

New Mobile Solutions Practice Launched

Trellist has launched a new Service Area, led by Jim Dixon, to provide Strategy & Consulting for Mobile Solutions.  The new Service Area will concentrate on applications involving mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and other mobile internet devices (iPod Touch, etc.).  Trellist will also develop mobile advertising programs utilizing SMS, Location-based Advertising (LBS), iAd, and other mobile advertising platforms.  Full Story
Aug 23, 2010

Trellist Forms Small & Emerging Businesses Group

Trellist has formed a new group to serve the unique needs of small businesses, and growth oriented firms. Trellist recognizes that emerging businesses are an important part of our strategic growth plan. The new group provides these businesses with access to all levels of Trellist talent in a flexible and efficient manner. The new Small & Emerging Business Division is lead by Holly L. Wolfe, Senior Associate. Full Story
Aug 16, 2010

Trellist Leveraging eLearning Methodologies to Support the Launch of New Professional Service Offerings

Trellist has introduced a new series of videos that use eLearning practices to help communicate the benefits of business compliance in a visually interesting, easy-to-follow experience. The goal was to educate the viewer (from small business owner to corporate CEO) on the importance of compliance; from properly forming a new business to making sure business licenses are renewed, as well as promote the new and innovative way the service is being provided. Full Story
Aug 09, 2010

Trellist Introduces Managed Outsourced Services

Trellist Resource Management has announced the expansion of its Managed Outsourced Services program. Trellist has been developing this program with several long-term clients over the past two years. Following the successful pilot programs, Trellist is making the program available to all new and current clients in support of all four Trellist practice areas. Full Story
May 27, 2010

Businesses "Touch" Their Customers More Easily with HP Technology

Well before Apple launched the iPad, savvy business owners have been leveraging touch-screen technology for their customers'' benefit, while reducing fixed expenses. Utilizing Windows-compatible touch-screen computers, Trellist has developed applications for a variety of needs, two of which are highlighted in this story. Full Story
Apr 05, 2010

Trellist Named Agency of Record for Jake’s Hamburgers

Trellist Marketing has been named agency of record for Jake''s Hamburgers, a quick-service restaurant known for fresh, never frozen burgers and a tasty lineup of milkshakes made from hand-dipped ice cream. Trellist will provide marketing services in support of the brand''s national rollout as well as individual franchisees. Full Story
Feb 18, 2010

Trellist Sponsors "Social Media Revolution" Panel

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, Trellist sponsored the Delaware Bioscience Association and the Technology Forum of Delaware''s first ever "Social Media Revolution." Over 100 Delaware Valley professionals gathered Wednesday night to hear a panel of experts, including Laurie Gelb, senior consultant at Trellist, discuss how best to use channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Full Story
Feb 04, 2010

Trellist Supports Delaware TweetUp

On Wednesday, Feb. 3, Governor Jack Markell launched his official twitter account at the third Delaware TweetUp at Kildare''s Irish Pub in Newark. As a longtime Delaware professional marketing and technology services firm Trellist proudly supported the event. Full Story
Dec 17, 2009

Trellist Launches New Initiatives in Leveraged Directions

Trellist® Marketing | Technology announced several new initiatives to further their growth in 2010 and beyond. Full Story
Nov 18, 2009

Trellist Announces Growth in Client Base During 2009

Trellist® Marketing | Technology announced the acquisition of several new clients over the second half of 2009. Full Story
Oct 26, 2009

Trellist Finds Candidates Where They "Face Out"

Trellist® Technical Staffing, a division of Trellist Marketing & Technology, is pleased to announce its Facebook hub for potential candidates. Full Story
Oct 14, 2009

Priscilla of Boston Unveils TouchSmart Catalogs in newest Salon

Priscilla of Boston has unveiled a digital touch screen catalog at its Suburban Square Salon in Ardmore, PA, providing brides-to-be with an innovative and convenient shopping experience. Full Story
Oct 15, 2008

Delaware Firm Selected to Produce 2009-2011 State Travel Guide

The Delaware Tourism Office today announced that Trellist Marketing and Technology has been awarded a contract to produce the 2009-2011 Official State Delaware Travel Guide. Full Story
Jun 30, 2008

Trellist Makes A Strong Play With The New

Trellist is pleased to announce the opening of “Majestic Park,” a new Web site that celebrates the long relationship between Majestic Athletic and Major League Baseball. Full Story
May 02, 2008

Trellist To Sponsor Women’s Bike Race At Wilmington Grand Prix 2008

Trellist Marketing and Technology is the title sponsor of the Women’s Pro, I & II, as part of the Wilmington Grand Prix, a USA Cycling event on May 16 and 17 in downtown Wilmington. Full Story

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