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Trellist Breaks into the Energy Technology Space with New Client


Trellist is excited to announce that we're now providing professional services to the energy sector through a new engagement with a leading global energy technology company. Trellist will build and execute a digital marketing strategy for the client's Equipment & Process Solutions business, an area of service that is critical to the growth of the company.

Our work will include building an overall social strategy playbook for the company, performing strategic roadmapping, and creating a system for planning, intaking, and processing digital & social data.

"We're trying to establish this company as a leader in this specific digital and social space before their competitors do," explains Lydia de Martino, Client Leader for Social and Content. "It's more important than ever for companies to set up their digital and social strategies to ensure success in a rapidly progressing digital world."

"Our goal is to build a partnership with the client to help formalize an approach to digital marketing and create a more mature program," explains Trellist CEO and Strategic Account Leader Maria Gunther. "We're also helping connect dots between the client's marketing and sales teams as well as getting everyone organized to effectively manage their digital program."

About Trellist

Trellist is a professional services firm delivering performance-driven business solutions that are flexible, innovative and optimized to maximize efficiency and return. The firm consults on, and integrates, data with marketing, design, technology and digital services for clients at the global, national and regional level. Trellist utilizes a unique approach to business—from the firm's employee-shared structure, to how it partners with its clients. 

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