Experience Equals Insight and Innovation

Trellist’s experienced staff come directly from enterprise businesses in the six core industries that we serve, enabling us to offer high-performing strategy and execution programs.

For industries not within our core competency, Trellist’s Consulting division works in partnership with the clients’ senior management who serve as the subject matter experts, providing insights that allow us to develop a deep understanding of the business and customize inventive solutions.


Industry Challenges

Healthcare is rooted in helping people. However, healthcare today is as much about managing data, communicating to a complex and ever-changing market, and constantly educating from patients to caregivers to physicians.

Trellist’s Approach to Healthcare Solutions

At Trellist, we are business-savvy people who bring expertise from inside and outside healthcare to solve business problems in an extremely cost-effective way. Our marketing and technology experts are supported by specialized health care consultants who provide the high-level support your business needs to achieve greater market reach and ROI.

Our Healthcare Clients

Over the last 15 years, Trellist has worked with firms in many healthcare sectors, including pharmaceuticals, laboratory services, medical equipment, publishing and education, and medical supplies. We also have experience addressing medical records management, retail pharmacies, and professional services for physicians.

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Consumer Goods & Services

Industry Challenges

Today, consumers define "value" very differently, expecting more service and more engagement in return for their loyalty. They talk to each other first about your brand and then take action. In this new environment, the traditional brand awareness metrics don’t necessarily provide the full picture of brand engagement. The new consumer requires a different approach.

Trellist’s Approach to Consumer Goods and Services

We work with you to connect your brand to your business values, integrate marketing and technology into one business engagement, and architect strategies and implementation plans. We’re experts in online and offline marketing, and we can help you address your business challenges as a traditional agency or as a staffing/outsourcing firm.

Our Consumer Goods and Services Clients

Our clients are often leaders in their industry. We work with one of the largest swimwear retailers, leading bridal retailers and the most successful single-store jewelry retailer in the business. Trellist works with brand leaders in apparel, communications, destination marketing, education, media, non-profits and transportation, as well as retailers in home goods and sporting goods.

Financial Services

Industry Challenges

The financial services industry has long been at the forefront of customer relationship management, one of the first industries to do so. Even so, there are plenty of opportunities to build new customer relationships and capture more value from existing ones.

Trellist’s Approach to Financial Solutions

With both strategic consulting and design/development services, we leverage our experience in banking to creatively apply marketing and technology solutions. This innovative mix produces compelling design work that powers omnichannel marketing programs and results in smart applications that produce measurable (A/B tested) results.

As business consultants with a strong financial background, we’re able to work effectively inside complex institutions and multi-national banks because we already understand the landscape. We’re familiar with consumers, regulatory environments, organizational challenges that financial institutions face, and ways to work with all parts of the organization, including internal marketing and creative agencies.

Our Financial Clients

Financial Services stands as a historical strength for Trellist. The partnerships that we’ve built with our clients touch 1 out of every 2 households in the U.S. In the past two years, our campaigns have generated millions of impressions and impacted transactions worth billions of dollars to financial institutions across the country. This was possible in part because Trellist industry consultants have the history and the know-how, and also because we offer a better way to work.

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Manufacturing & B2B

Industry Challenges

For business-to-business marketers, the integration of marketing and technology has produced a rapidly-evolving, data-driven marketing climate that requires decision makers to distinguish between trends and fads, meaningful data and numbers without context, sound opportunities and programs that simply waste time. Trellist’s expert consultants can help you navigate this rapidly-evolving field and determine the best options for you.

Trellist’s Approach to Manufacturing and B2B

Our experience has helped leading firms protect their global market share and build new revenue streams as well as enabled start-up firms to gain faster market penetration. Using a combination of marketing and technology services, we can tackle business issues at all levels in the organization and value chain.

We also integrate traditional and digital media to create campaigns grounded in market-based evidence and manageable metrics. We help clients generate qualified business leads and strengthen their brands; we leverage value chains by integrating data, capitalizing on market analytics, segmenting the market and creating new touch-points like mobile applications and social media.

Our Manufacturing and B2B Clients

Over the years, we’ve worked with specialty ingredient manufacturers, equipment companies and chemical and material firms, as well as leaders in logistics, energy, corporate services and information technology.

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Automotive & Motorsports

Industry Challenges

Design, performance, technology and passion – these words are not only defining elements of the automotive and motorsports industries, they are required attributes for each successful marketing campaign and a business need for the companies involved in this market.

Trellist’s Approach to Automotive & Motorsports

Trellist combines an understanding of the automotive world and passion for motorsports with integrated marketing and technology solutions to effectively communicate with both consumers and businesses in this fast-paced industry.

We’re also demonstrating how auto racing can be a marketing platform for clients targeting select demographics. Trellist can design, develop and implement an integrated marketing campaign that includes negotiating sponsorships, developing promotional strategies, identifying client entertainment opportunities, and maximizing online and offline strategies that will achieve measurable ROI for the business.

Our Automotive & Motorsports Clients

Trellist is working with leading firms in the automotive industry including parts manufacturers, auto suppliers and service companies; and with businesses associated with motorsports. We apply our practice area experience to leverage capabilities developed for industry leaders in consumer goods marketing and manufacturing industries to address the unique business issues faced in this specialized industry.

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Professional Services

Industry Challenges

In the professional services industry, your reputation is everything. Marketing a reputation-based business is therefore very different than marketing other products and services. Your strategy must establish or protect credibility, maintain confidence, define expertise and position your staff as thought leaders.

Trellist’s Approach to Professional Services

At Trellist, we use a combination of marketing and technology solutions to initiate and sustain business relationships with new business prospects, develop trust between people and build your firm’s brand within the business community. Once those foundations are in place, we work with you to put in motion marketing programs to create new business prospects, identify new streams of revenue, and set expectations for return on investment.

Our Professional Services Clients

We may not be experts in your business. However, we truly understand how to help reputation-based firms grow their businesses. Over the past several years, Trellist has worked with leaders in business services, IT services, legal services, marketing services and logistics services. If you’re a small or emerging business, we can also set you up with a dedicated team to develop your marketing strategy and execute the programs.