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Trellist Expands Small Business Services to West Chester, Pennsylvania


Trellist Marketing Technology is pleased to announce that it has been selected as agency of record by a West Chester, Pennsylvania-based advisory group following a competitive bidding process.

Founded in 2015, the company is focused on executive coaching and consulting, especially for values-driven growth companies at all stages of the entrepreneurial life cycle. The firm also offers a shared workspace in the borough of West Chester that supports a vibrant community of entrepreneurs.

With Trellist's guidance, the client is launching a new business model that will transform its executive training program from a resource-intensive, in-person format to a multi-tiered digital offering.

The implementation will consist of two phases. First, Trellist will consult, design, and develop a new website, along with a robust learning management system (LMS), from which educational videos, PDFs, lesson plans, and more can be served to program enrollees.

"We're helping the client establish this new business model and bring it to life through the selection and implementation of an LMS," says Tyler Holloway, Consulting and Account Leadership for Small Business Services at Trellist. "By marrying the marketing and technology requirements, we're building a solution and supporting infrastructure that will give the client what they need now, with the flexibility to grow."

The project's second phase will include the creation of a sales and marketing program fueled by digital campaigns that grow, nurture, and convert customers for the firm's professional development program. The strategic approach will include developing a sales funnel that entices prospects via social content and targeted online advertising and drives to a landing page for lead acquisition. Supported by lead nurturing through automated emails, conversion will be complete when the prospect signs up for a free, one-on-one consultation.

Trellist won the engagement because of its holistic approach to marketing and technology. As Holloway notes, "This is a true consulting relationship, where we've been able to put together a solution that truly aligns with the client's needs. The objective is to help them make this a scalable model that can bring in clients from around the world who can go through this experience digitally, versus the geographic limitations of in-person seminars. It will extend the reach of the program while reducing the costs to maintain it."

The engagement will be conducted from Trellist's new West Chester office, which gives it a "neighborly aspect," Holloway says. "We're excited to get involved in part because of the client's tremendous support for local businesses in West Chester. Now that Trellist has a physical presence just a block away, it's a great opportunity for us to be engaged with our new business community from day one."

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