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Priscilla of Boston Unveils TouchSmart Catalogs in newest Salon


October 14, 2009, Wilmington, Del. –Priscilla of Boston has unveiled a digital touch screen catalog at its Suburban Square Salon in Ardmore, PA, providing brides-to-be with an innovative and convenient shopping experience. The "virtual look book" application was developed by Trellist Marketing and Technology for the HP TouchSmart PC, and is available in dressing rooms and throughout the salon enabling a more interactive, compelling customer experience for brides.

The feature-rich application enhances the overall shopping experience, replacing the limitations of a print catalog enabling shoppers to easily sort and view their selections by style, price, colors, and designers. In addition to viewing dress photos, brides can also evaluate a runway video of each style for a closer look at fit and flow. Using the "favorites" feature, brides can save their selections while browsing, and then try on their top picks. Shoppers who browse the Priscilla of Boston website will experience a seamless transition from their web experience to the salon, as the TouchSmart functionality replicates the easy to use interface and navigation developed for

For bridal consultants, the TouchSmart application, a first-to-market solution in the bridal industry, offers a new, convenient way to offer consultative guidance to brides. "At Priscilla of Boston, we have always prided ourselves on our personal approach to helping brides make the critical selection of a dress," noted Jeremy Capello, Director of Marketing. "More than ever, brides are looking for a balance of value with style. The selection process is much easier for our customer when she can be sure, within a short period of time, that a possible favorite is not overlooked. We are pleased to offer this new option in Ardmore and will be extending it to other locations."

The application also provides Priscilla of Boston with a host of analytic functions that can be used to improve the user experience. By tracking user behavior longitudinally, Priscilla of Boston is able to tailor future offerings to the preferences of brides to be.

In addition to the application development which called upon a number of strategic disciplines including creative and user experience design, Trellist completed the on-site installations, technology support and testing for quality assurance, providing a complete business solution.

Trellist CTO Jie Yang added, "This platform can address many different business needs, from medicine to tourism, and we look forward to developing other applications for the touch screen."

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