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Trellist Becomes Strategic Agency for Innovative Financial Services Company


Trellist is excited to announce that we have become the strategic agency for an innovative fintech company that is backed by some of the largest names in the financial services industry. The client provides a cash management account that combines banking, saving, and investing into a single financial product, which it develops and brands for partners (asset managers, wealth advisors, and organizations) to offer to their clients and members.

Our initial engagement was meant to be a "quick fix" of the client's website; however, our experts were able to create a much more in-depth brand and messaging strategy, essentially paving the way for a long-term business relationship.

"We did an entire rebrand on the fly, as well as product positioning, while at the same time redesigning their website with a new logo and an entirely new color palette," said Trellist Senior Partner Gavin Garrison. "We put them on par with some of the best brands in this space."

The Trellist team was able to completely overhaul and redesign the client's website on an extraordinarily short timeline, working to more clearly articulate the benefits of the product to potential partners. As a result of the positive response the website was getting, the client brought Trellist in to apply the improved messaging strategy to an email campaign for one of their existing partners.

"I think we were able to successfully position the product in a way that their audience could better understand and connect with, and the fact that we were able to nearly double the engagement (click-to-open) rate with their emails shows it," says Chris McEntee, Brand and Communications Leader for Client Services at Trellist.

"The engagement has been fantastic, and the client was ecstatic about the products we've produced," added Garrison. "We set this client apart from the competition and they've been incredibly happy with the results."

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