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Leading Financial Institution Selects Trellist to Develop Animated 3D Product Videos

A top-ten national financial institution has selected Trellist to apply its expertise in video and interactive marketing in the creation of 3D animated video programs that highlight consumer banking product features. These innovative videos will combine interactive marketing and eLearning strategies to engage and motivate current bank customers. Trellist will work with members of the financial institution’s Brand Team, Communications Group and Bank Operations to develop and manage programs.

About Trellist

Trellist is a professional services firm delivering performance-driven business solutions that are flexible, innovative, and optimized to maximize efficiency and return. The firm consults on, and integrates, data with marketing, design, technology, and digital services for clients at the global, national, and regional level. Trellist utilizes a unique approach to business—from the firm's employee-shared structure, to how it partners with its clients. 


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