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Founding Partner of Trellist Re-elected Mayor


Re-election marks Pat Toman’s seventh consecutive term

Trellist was founded on a unique culture and structure – something Founding Partner Pat Toman knows well as the mayor of Ardencroft, a small utopian Delaware village just outside Wilmington. Ardencroft is one of three villages that form The Ardens, which are known for their arts, crafts, theater, and town-meeting form of government. The Ardens also have a tax structure based on the single-tax philosophy of political economist Henry George, where a person’s house is not taxed, only the land it sits on.

In March, Pat was re-elected mayor of Ardencroft, his seventh consecutive one-year term in office. As mayor, he holds the role of chairman for six annual town assemblies and provides guidance and oversight of various committees including Public Works, Safety, and Finance. In addition, he acts as the liaison between Ardencroft and the governments of New Castle County, the State of Delaware, and certain agencies of the federal government. Pat will also be serving as co-chair of the 2014 Arden Fair along with Steve Cohen, President of the Arden Club and father of Trellist employee Nick Cohen.

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Trellist is a professional services firm delivering performance-driven business solutions that are flexible, innovative, and optimized to maximize efficiency and return. The firm consults on, and integrates, data with marketing, design, technology, and digital services for clients at the global, national, and regional level. Trellist utilizes a unique approach to business—from the firm's employee-shared structure, to how it partners with its clients. 


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