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Trellist Verified as Vet-Owned Business, Hopes to Inspire Vets


Trellist Marketing and Technology announced today it has been verified as a veteran-owned business, hoping its 20 year success story under veteran leadership will serve as an inspiration to other vets, and those considering military service. 

David Atadan, Founding Partner and CEO, served in the United States Military for over a decade. During his early years of military service, he was inspired by a veteran entrepreneur and mentor - the CEO of a large computer network services company who helped Atadan become the organization’s youngest sales manager overseeing a $10 million territory.

“My veteran employer, John, ran a tight business and made military learned values - teamwork, respect, kindness and fairness - a company-wide focus which I strive to emulate at Trellist,” Atadan explained. “John was smart about fostering talent. He spent time learning about each member of his team and was able to match employees with opportunities that would allow them to meet their true potential. Sometimes this required him to take chances with young talent, but his process ensured it consistently paid off.” 

Atadan leverages what he learned from John by empowering a collective culture at Trellist. Respect and kindess are among the company’s values. Atadan also acts as Career Pathing Leader in addition to CEO. In this role, he spends time with all employees to uncover their true strengths and help them create a career path. The inspiration from John has proven effective, as the process of career pathing has helped to foster growth and talent within the company.

Paying that forward is also important to Atadan. “Trellist is all about inspiration. Each day our teams inspire each other and our clients with the business solutions we create,” he explained. “We sought veteran-owned verification primarily in hopes that the Trellist story might encourage young men and women to consider military service as a choice that could help them in their careers. Additionally, it might inspire veterans to consider entrepreneurialism.”

With over 100 employees offering innovative marketing, design, and technology solutions to industry leading clients, Trellist has grown into one of the region’s prominent firms. The veteran-owned status adds another dimension to supporting clients with purchasing departments working to meet diversity supplier goals.

As part of the comprehensive process for becoming a verified veteran-owned business through the Department of Veteran Affairs, Trellist Marketing and Technology is now featured within the veteran business database at

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Trellist is a professional services firm delivering performance-driven business solutions that are flexible, innovative, and optimized to maximize efficiency and return. The firm consults on, and integrates, data with marketing, design, technology, and digital services for clients at the global, national, and regional level. Trellist utilizes a unique approach to business—from the firm's employee-shared structure, to how it partners with its clients. 


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