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8 Tips for Better Real-Time Social Media Photos

Visual content shared on social media is a powerful asset, especially at conferences and events. Images help boost a brand’s visibility in general, but did you know that social media posts with images receive 94% more views than those without them?

Sharing images on social helps to drive additional booth traffic at big events, while also highlighting a product or service.


The good news is you don’t need to be an expert photographer to do it well. But it’s imperative for brands to take professional looking photos when attending events. Here’s a handy list of tips and tricks for capturing and sharing photos at conferences, trade shows and other events:

  1. Lights, camera, action! Lighting is key. You don’t want someone to look washed out or even worse, the person is unrecognizable because it’s so dark. Ensure the room is well-lit or use a flash if necessary.
  2. Show us a sign. Don’t cut the words off signage. There’s nothing worse than chopping letters off a product/banner you’re trying to showcase.
  3. Eyes open folks. Ensure everyone’s eyes are open in your pictures. Always double check this before posting.
  4. Tuck ‘em in. Are shirts tucked in? Are ties on straight? These little things matter! Make sure your representatives on site understand this one.
  5. Make your images tasteful. It’s best to keep alcoholic beverages out of social media photos. Leave the happy hour pics at happy hour.
  6. Keep their eyes on the prize. Giving away an item? Showcase a photo of the giveaway on social media to drive traffic to the booth.
  7. Spell check yourself. Including a person’s name with a photo? Make sure the spelling is correct and his or her current title is accurate.
  8. Keep it legal. Last, but definitely not least, ensure any legal considerations are checked before sharing photos on social media. Be sure to follow any social media policies.

Every picture tells a story. So share yours and watch it improve engagement on your social channels.

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