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3 Keys to Surviving the Age of Social Disruption

Without question, social technologies rank among the most disruptive trends in business and culture in the 21st Century. So disruptive, in fact, it could prove to be an “extinction event” for businesses too inflexible or slow to evolve.

Consumers (whether B2C or B2B) have built expectations for brands on social that mirror the way that they interact with their friends and counterparts. These expectations cause consumers to be drawn to, and ultimately choose, brands that actively engage with them socially.

Socially mature companies make the investment to understand the complexities of their consumers and use that information to improve their products, services and brand interactions.

This requires brands to be present and active in channels their customers prefer. It requires real time, on-demand listening and engagement, and making that information shareable and actionable without porting around spreadsheets. It means all internal touch points participate in social on some level - from customer service to marketing to investor relations. 

Essentially, brands are forced to move from DOING social to BEING social, and this movement is happening right now.

According to Dion Hinchcliffe of the Dachis Group, the number of global companies that have truly and fully mastered social integration across their operations numbers in the low hundreds1.  The importance of doing so is apparent however. He explains we are, “witnessing a steady and inexorable rise in social business adoption over the last five years.” 

This means that now is the perfect time to begin planning your social road map and seize on a fast-mover advantage in your marketplace.

What separates socially leading companies from lagging ones? How are these leaders approaching the challenges and reaping the benefits from opportunities presented by the era of social disruption?

It helps to look at where industry norms will be in 5 years to create a roadmap to becoming fundamentally social by re-configuring 3 key factors: People, Processes and Technology.

To help our clients understand these 3 key factors and address these challenges, Trellist launched a dedicated Social Business Division to provide consulting, design and development for clients looking to integrate social across teams, divisions, locations and business functions.

We've also partnered with Sprinklr - the single "most powerful technology" in the social space (Forrester's Wave Reports). The result: an alliance that spans every need of every forward-thinking, large- to medium-sized organization seeking to implement social on a global, integrated level.



Don’t be the disrupted. Be the disruptor. If you are a champion for social in your organization, and are interested in taking the right steps toward becoming social at scale, Trellist is ready to help you meet the challenge head on. Engage with us; we're listening.

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