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Trellist Adds Illuminated Building Sign to Mark the Firm's Continued Expansion


February 18, 2011 Wilmington, Del. — Trellist® Marketing and Technology added a new illuminated sign to the Riverfront last night as it lit its new 23 foot sign on one of Wilmington’s most distinctive buildings. The new sign represents the home of the region’s premier professional services firm for marketing, design and technology, and demonstrates its commitment to expansion in the City of Wilmington. Employees gathered for the first lighting, which was timed with the company’s 16th anniversary.

"The lighting of the Trellist sign spotlights our on-going expansion, and our commitment to the region and the city," stated David Atadan, Managing Partner. "In addition, this new, increased prominence is designed to help promote our position as a leader in the marketing and technology industries, to further attract highly skilled senior people to our firm."

"The Trellist business model has a unique set of beliefs and foundations, and our continuous growth demonstrates that the model is working," said Atadan. "As clients look to Trellist as a trusted business partner that provides new services, we hire only top talent that can deliver these types of services and who are a good fit for our model."

The 5’ x 23’ sign is positioned on the building’s balcony, between the famous whale and dolphin murals painted on the building. The placement of the sign protects the integrity of the murals while generating brand visibility to the entire Riverfront. The sign is energy efficient, using LED technology, special fixtures and timers to conserve energy.

Trellist was founded in 1995, and moved to its current location at 117 North Market Street in 1999. This area of town was later named the Lower Market Design District (LOMA). The firm has become a leading professional services firm with national, regional and local clients. The company offers expertise in four practice areas including Business Strategy, Marketing & Branding, IT & Application Development, and Education & eLearning.

"We are proud of what we have accomplished, and look forward to building our business even further," said Atadan.

About Trellist

Trellist is a professional services firm delivering performance-driven business solutions that are flexible, innovative, and optimized to maximize efficiency and return. The firm consults on, and integrates, data with marketing, design, technology, and digital services for clients at the global, national, and regional level. Trellist utilizes a unique approach to business—from the firm's employee-shared structure, to how it partners with its clients. 


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