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Web 3.0: A Step Forward for Online Learning?

One of the main obstacles we encounter when beginning a new eLearning project at leading organizations is outdated infrastructure and equipment.  We find ourselves (out of necessity) developing alternative approaches to what should be an intriguing, dynamic learning experience. This is not new in the world of eLearning, especially as we move forward into Web 3.0.  As many organizations struggle with implementing Web 2.0 technologies, will they ever be prepared to leverage Web 3.0 technologies for more effective eLearning? While a specific definition of Web 3.0 is hard to find, most agree that it will be a progression to an “Intelligent” form of web that will include technologies such as natural language search, machine learning, software agents that make specific recommendations to users and the connection of context to content. Machines will be smarter, able to understand more data, and in turn, provide much more meaningful results to people. Web 3.0, commonly referred to as the “Semantic Web” can be roughly divided into three areas: the Semantic Web, the Mobile Web and the Immersive Internet. All of these have an integrated component of personalization that makes Web 3.0 very “me-centric.” All three can be leveraged to create more customized experiences for eLearning. If we are able to harness the power of Web 3.0, we can take eLearning to a higher level of effectiveness and ROI.

Currently, the biggest obstacles to integration are budget constraints and lack of buy-in from leadership, yet developers who possess the IT skills, along with skills in Instructional Design to create these new experiences, are in high demand. One of Trellist’s strengths is our ability to create teams of professionals that represent all areas of IT and eLearning in order to develop cutting-edge solutions. And every day we’re coming closer to using Web 3.0 for more successful eLearning programs.

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Maria Gunther

Partner and Chief Executive Officer
A senior Strategic Business Consultant for some of our largest clients, Maria builds dynamic teams that produce effective brand marketing and communication strategies within the Manufacturing & B2B industry. With over 15 years of industry experience, her account leadership continues to help Trellist’s enterprise clients achieve lasting success.

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