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Online Video: Not Just for the Right Brain Anymore.

Video communicates emotion; it conveys passion, excitement, sincerity and even love. Video is one of the most powerful communication tools because it is delivers creative messages that drive brand interest like no other media. This has always been true.

But until recently, the argument for including online video in your marketing plans was just that… an emotional appeal to be an integrated part of a carefully planned campaign. The numbers were not available to justify the video access, viewership or ROI.  Not anymore. The case for including video in your marketing strategy is no longer a right brain vs. left brain conundrum. The numbers are too compelling now.

Recently, comScore reported that 82.5% of Internet users watch video. 30% of Internet data volume is now video and by 2013 an incredible 90% of internet traffic will be video. 12% of video watched today are ads that reach about 42% of the US population.

Like never before, online video is now engaging viewers. Online viewers watched 4.3 hours of online video each month in 2010. That is now closer to 4.3 hours per week.  Email video messages generate 2-3 times the click-through rate of a non-video message. While mobile video is growing, it already accounts for 66% of mobile data traffic. iPad users are highly engaged with the medium, watching  each video for an average of 5 minutes.

For business, 55% of online retailers reported using video several years ago… now it is more than 75%.  More than 75% percent of business executives watch work-related videos in the office, and just last year more than 42% made a business related purchase after watching a video about a product or service.

The capacity of video to communicate compelling emotional content has been accepted for decades. However, the increased access to video content on laptops, tablets and smartphones, and faster and faster connection speeds, provide an opportunity for video to reach almost every consumer. And with viewership increasing and better measurement tools, the argument for integrating video into the marketing strategies is now as empirical as it is emotional.

CMO’s can justify video using both the right and left sides of their brain.

If you are interested in how video could be used to improve your marketing or eLearning programs, feel free to drop us a line, Also, you can check out our video services reel on YouTube.

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