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Making Online Advertising More Relevant to Customers

Web advertising has been evolving ever since companies started trying to generate sales online.  As web users gain experience and their surfing habits evolve, advertisers must also change their habits to get attention and clicks with their ads.   Mass messaging, where a single message is expected to attract everyone, is a frequently used yet ineffective approach.   To succeed, advertisers must focus their attention on effectively communicating with the user rather than pushing non-targeted and often irrelevant messages to the masses. 

In years past, when someone was surfing the web they were barraged with popups and flashing banners that had no relevance to their interests. These intrusive ads would have little or no response and no impact on sales.

Recently, more sophisticated methods have been introduced for serving ads to users based on their behavior and interests.  Surfing behavior is constantly tracked, and sites can now serve banner ads based on this information.  This is a significant step forward in making web advertising more relevant and more profitable.  Sites serving these banners are due to receive more ad revenue while advertisers will receive more qualified clicks. 

The problem is that marketers continue to use mass messaging strategies which have very low response rates, and these rates are rapidly declining.  Many marketers do not understand or acknowledge the ever changing landscape of the web.  Why is this?

Many marketers remain under the impression that they can generate results without investing the time and effort to create more targeted strategies and campaigns based on customer interests.   This approach does not work because of changing user habits and expectations, and the evolving digital landscape. 

Customers have changed their habits to become more conscientious of their clicks.  Users now respond to messages that speak to them, are relevant to their interests and needs, and feel natural.  These types of messages have a greater response as they are important to the customer’s decision making. 

The digital landscape is changing and will always be an evolving entity.  Right now, Social Media is serving as the platform in which users spend most of their time online.  Everything about Social Media is personalized for the user, based on information the user shared freely when creating their profile, so why shouldn’t the ads?  The information is available now to create meaningful and engaging campaigns for users, and is waiting to be leveraged to connect you with your target.

Trellist is serving as the bridge to change a mass market approach into a personalized strategy to find the target demographic, present a compelling message and add value to the user’s online experience. 

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Joe Kearns

Human Resources and Project Management

Responsible for maintaining and managing the health of project plans, Joe coordinates timelines, budgets, and resource allocation. While working in tandem with clients, he oversees all aspects throughout the life of a project—effectively controlling risk while minimizing uncertainty.

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