Defining the Two Worlds of eLearning

07.30.2013 by

The ubiquity of digital devices and mobile technology is helping to redefine the traditional definitions of content across the professional landscape.

One place where that is certainly true is the discipline of eLearning. What was once only driven by inside-the-firewall, enterprise online applications is now extending out into the public eye. And many of the best practices used in marketing, advertising, and social media are now being applied to the world of eLearning.

At Trellist, we see eLearning moving in a new direction. To further illustrate that point, we’ve segmented eLearning into two sectors: Enterprise eLearning and Marketing-Based eLearning.

Enterprise eLearning is the traditional, in-the-workplace, effective content and compliance training issued to over 80% of American professionals.

Marketing-Based eLearning provides brand training, product demos, and instructional videos released outside of the firewall — readily available to both employees and consumers. It helps to solve problems and enhance the brand experience. And it can be consumed on all kinds of devices.

In the Trellist infographic below, we break down the differences between Enterprise eLearning and Marketing-Based eLearning

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