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Customer Experience: The Other Side of Loyalty—Part 2

Continuing from my last post on what true loyalty means, I would like to touch upon the topic of customer experience (CX) as a foundation for truly serving the customer. Based on recent research findings, great customer experiences comprise three dimensions — functional, accessible and emotional — which as a whole create a lucid experience that positively impacts how customers view companies and the likelihood that they will purchase from them.

Nothing will frustrate customers more than a company’s inability to serve their basic needs in a way that is easily accessible and convenient, thereby making that emotional connection.  The result of serving these needs creates a lasting impression that positively reinforces the essence of the brand, and increases brand equity.

Although there is no silver bullet for CX success, there are clear steps that successful companies take to create a lasting impact.

  1. Leadership: These organizations consistently operate from a clear set of principles and values, following examples set by their executive team.
  2. Values: While a company can communicate what they stand for through marketing or advertising, it is customers who define their brand. Successful companies know that it’s not enough to just communicate what they stand for, but that it’s equally, if not more, important to behave in a way that consistently delivers the brand promise at every touch point.
  3. Engagement: Employees are living examples of a company’s mission and its core values. Successful businesses make sure that every associate understands and is aligned with the goals of the company in order to deliver the intended experience customers seek, expect, and demand.
  4. Connection: Every customer interaction and feedback affords every company an opportunity to learn more about how they can improve their product or service. Successful businesses have a systematic approach for collecting and responding to customer feedback and recognize that it is invaluable to generating the loyalty they desire.

Establishing an ideal customer experience requires an ongoing commitment and a clarion call for companies who desire the benefits of long-term customer loyalty. Trellist is enabling businesses to create these experiences, to foster and expand relationships with their customers by helping to build brands based on solid principles that act as launching pads for loyalty and longevity.  In an age where social media is empowering consumers like never before and where word of mouth is more influential than paid advertising, commitment to delivering the total CX presents a big opportunity to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

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