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Customer Experience as the Root of Marketing Strategy

In any successful relationship, trust is earned and kept through giving recognition to a partner on a regular basis. By staying connected to other people’s goals and motivations, deeper connections can be maintained.

The same holds true in a business-customer relationship. If your business is hoping to acquire and hold onto strong customer relationships, it is critical to balance customer needs with business goals by checking in on customer interactions. Customer Experience (CX) is the impression a business leaves with their customer, resulting in how the brand is viewed, across every stage of the CX journey. Each CX touchpoint is equally important in this kind of relationship building.

Improve the conversations

When integrating a CX-based marketing strategy, your business should consider all customer interactions, before, during and after a product or service engagement. These channels likely include:

  • Social media
  • Email communications
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Customer portals and dashboards
  • Customer service and sales representatives
  • Print materials

Tone and reactions to discussions should be routinely assessed when examining the current state of these communication channels. By doing so, your business can gain a sense of when, where, and how customers are interacting.

When auditing your brand communications, also consider gauging back-end and behind-the-scene interactions, including quantitative and qualitative data, inbound referrals, conversion rates, surveys responses, and web analytics to get the full landscape of chatter.

Recognize the audience

At Trellist, we do a great deal of thinking about the conversations businesses have with their customers. When teaming with your business on a digital or print-based deliverable, we start by considering personas—fictional characters that represent user types who interact with a brand throughout varied marketing channels.

Personas can also be utilized when grasping the full CX landscape. In doing so, your business can gain real-life emotional insights into customers through imagined personalities. You’ll be able to use those results to inform future marketing decisions. Customer loyalty can be built through emotional attachment, so use CX data to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, behaviors and pain points when they’re interacting with your brand.

At the heart of personas are journey maps, which can serve as visual representations of the CX experience. Journey maps can help your business grasp customer behaviors, mindsets and emotional motivations—informing better connections via improved marketing conversations.

Partner with Trellist

Trellist helps organizations meet their audience on customer-driven journeys. We take into consideration your business goals, market research and customer data, and offer actionable recommendations for content organization, messaging, user pathing, features and functionality, and design.

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About the author

Erin Hyland

User Experience and Consulting

At Trellist, Erin is responsible for leading the user experience and information architecture efforts across our enterprise client base. Erin’s depth of experience and knowledge across digital strategy, project management, digital design, and front end development further enhance her ability to deliver actionable and measureable strategies. Erin holds a B.A. in Journalism from Penn State University.

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