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The automotive and motorsports industry is expansive, with services that are as distinct as its consumers—and the competition. Trellist helps our clients stay on the leading edge of marketing to keep their audiences interested and maintain their status in the community through Andy Lally ALIVE: a company that exists to bring Innovations, new Ventures, and consumer Experiences to life in the automotive industry.

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Our Services

Trellist's provided services along with the expertise of the Andy Lally ALIVE Team.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Development and Execution
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Market Research/Insight Development
  • Traditional and Digital Design
  • Traditional and Digital Media Planning and Execution
  • Marketing Communications Strategy and Development
  • Content Strategy, Curation, and Creation


  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Analytics and Reporting
  • Digital Media Planning and Execution
  • Social Business
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • User Experience
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development


  • Large Systems
  • Social Platforms
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Intelligence
  • Systems Integration
  • Data Management and Migration
  • Application Development
  • SharePoint Development


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Our Products

Andy Lally ALIVE products are designed to help businesses reach their target audiences and provide Trellist with insight to businesses that we service.

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An app-based community with more than 200K motoring enthusiasts, with features like:

  • Shops + Businesses profiles that promote and offer services to the community
  • Buy + Sell Marketplace to list parts and rides for free
  • Interactive Maps for users to find nearby shops, events, meets, and crew
  • In-App Garage for users to post photos, list mods, and tell their story

Track Rabbit Logo

An automotive and motorsport event registration and administration platform within a comprehensive marketing ecosystem, with features like:

  • Promotion of motorsports
  • Digital presences for motorsports, tracks, clubs, and schools
  • Registration and ticketing needs
  • Marketing automation for the user base of tracks, clubs, and schools
  • Social interaction for user base
  • Integration with MotorCrush

Awesome Joe Logo

An online auction house for modified, motorsport, classic, exotic, and other commodity autos, with features like:

  • Free to list unless sold for all accepted vehicles
  • Subjective vehicle assessment with high value and credibility standards
  • Streamlined purchasing experience for buyers
  • Support from industry experts from start to finish 



Andy Lally


Andy Lally is a 5-time Daytona 24 Hour race winner and professional sports car champion who has won races and championships in both GT cars and prototypes. His credits include 3 Rolex Grand-Am Championships as well as the North American Endurance Championship.

In this next chapter of his career, Lally will bring to marketing and business development the same energy, excellence, and commitment to performance that have marked all his previous endeavors.
David Atadan

Founder and CEO

An entrepreneurial force in the Mid-Atlantic region, architect of the Trellist operating model and trusted consultant to our clients, David, Trellist's CEO, built the company from the ground up 20 years ago and is implementing the Trellist vision of a family of companies that includes sole and joint ventures as well as philanthropic endeavors.
Lance Miller


Championed by co-owner, Lance Miller, Carlisle Events is the most recent partner to join Andy Lally ALIVE. Lance and the Carlisle team bring with them multiple generations' worth of experience in car culture, undisputed passion, and unique connections to multiple sectors, continuing their tradition as a respected leader in the automotive events industry and now invaluable partner.
Gerald Raffa


Gerald Raffa is a career real estate developer with experience in both commercial and residential real estate development. Jerry brings several unique attributes to the ALIVE venture, including his infrastructural development capabilities that ALIVE plans to leverage, his eye for design, and deep understanding of the hearts and minds of racing enthusiasts, which come from his strong ties to the community and culture.
Melanie Schilling


Leveraging a breadth of experience from her 20-year career, Melanie is a versatile, results-oriented finance leader with wide-ranging, cross-functional expertise in the fields of accounting, auditing, and financial planning. With a focus on maximizing shareholder value, Melanie employs a strategic business partner approach to balancing short and long-term financial goals.

Jie Yang

Senior Partner | CTO, CIO

Leaning on 20+ years of IT Management experience, our co-founder Jie masterminds client technology strategies in collaboration with senior VPs and CEOs to help them increase profits while always delivering a memorable customer experience. Jie's passion for consulting on ecommerce, systems architecture and IT security is key to long-running partnerships with the world's leading brands.
Tommy Atadan

Product Management

Thomas Atadan has provided product and project management services at Trellist for five years. He spearheads product development as a part of ALMM Ventures (ALIVE), which has designed, developed, and launched four live-service businesses, servicing hundreds of thousands of customers in the automotive industry. Thomas has a diverse background with experience in engineering, sociology, software development, and marketing.
Victoria Drach

Strategic Leadership | Marketing and Operations

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