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  • Innovating Loyalty Rewards with Wearable Tech

    09/03/2015 Published by Primus Poppiti
    It was only a matter of time until the trendy wearable tech we use to monitor our daily activities started to impact our shopping carts. Just as Philosopher Alain de Lille is quoted as saying that, “one thousand roads lead men forever to Rome,” so do one thousand Fitbits and Jawbones lead companies in the healthcare industry to better consumer insight data. In this case, though, the consumer is actually benefitting, and you can too.
  • Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 as a Learning Ecosystem

    07/29/2015 Published by Susan Lovejoy-Storment
    Organizations can benefit from using Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 as an environment for learning curriculum.
  • Five Ancient Secrets to Impactful Public Relations

    07/03/2015 Published by Bryan Evans
    If you dig deep enough, you’ll find some interesting clues from the past that mirror what an effective public relations strategy should look like today. Want proof? We've got five essentials to successful public relations efforts that began in ancient times.
  • 10 Ways Social Listening Can Help Your Business

    05/13/2015 Published by Neil Dougherty
    Looking for a competitive edge or ways to improve your customer service? You might be surprised to learn what social listening can do for your business.
  • Corporate Storytelling: Coming to Your Emotional Rescue [As seen on Content Marketing Insider]

    04/10/2015 Published by John Miller
    Too often, marketing departments put their noses down into spreadsheets, and lose the emotional aspect of what they're trying to do. And that is automatically limiting; because emotion, not numbers, is the gasoline that fuels marketing awesomeness.
  • 46 Million Reasons to Pay Attention to Omnichannel

    04/07/2015 Published by David Michaluk
    Sprinklr – the world’s most complete enterprise social technology – just announced a whopping $46 million in new funding. We're sharing this significant news because it corroborates the increasingly important role of omnichannel as an integrated marketing and technology strategy.
  • Can HALO and Master Chief save Microsoft and Internet Explorer?

    03/24/2015 Published by David Michaluk
    Microsoft has killed off Internet Explorer. Where will they turn for branding their new browser? Here's our predictions.
  • 6 Considerations Before You Build A Mobile App

    03/20/2015 Published by Primus Poppiti
    If your organization is forward-thinking, it’s very likely considering deploying a mobile app to better reach customers. However, it’s important to stop for a moment and think strategically.
    6 Considerations
  • SharePoint 2013 Delivers Data to Any Device

    12/12/2014 Published by Jennifer Kenderdine
    Mobile device use is increasing at a staggering rate. People are more connected than ever, and by 2018, Internet traffic from wireless and mobile devices will surpass traffic from wired devices. Because of this, IT architects must consider all of these mobile devices and their users when planning environments that will deliver and exchange critical business data.
  • How Content Marketing Fuels The New Buyer’s Journey

    11/10/2014 Published by John Miller
    In today's digital buying and selling enviornment, content fuels The New Buyer's Journey.
  • 3 Keys to Surviving the Age of Social Disruption

    07/28/2014 Published by Chris Wallace
    Without question, social technologies rank among the most disruptive trends in business and culture in the 21st Century. So disruptive, in fact, it could prove to be an “extinction event” for businesses too inflexible or slow to evolve.
  • iBeacons Beckon

    03/24/2014 Published by Jim Dixon
    Low-energy, low-cost Bluetooth devices are bridging the physical and digital worlds.
  • Social Media is So 2012

    11/19/2013 Published by Chris Wallace
    Has your organization made the move from practicing Social Media to practicing Social Business?
  • Creating Dynamic Content That Gets People Talking

    08/20/2013 Published by Renee
    Content may be king, but it’s dynamic content that starts an empire.
    How dynamic is your content?
  • Defining the Two Worlds of eLearning

    07/30/2013 Published by Bob
    Welcome to the segmented reality of Enterprise and Marketing-Based eLearning.
    Enterprise vs Marketing-based eLearning
  • 3 Must-Haves for the Mobile Inbox

    07/11/2013 Published by Lou
    Email is more mobile than ever. Understanding what motivates customers when they check email on their devices is critical to engagement and performance.
  • The Corporate Meeting of the Future is Here

    07/02/2013 Published by Bob
    It’s connected. It’s social. And it’s all about content.
  • Rumble On: An Alternative Approach to Idea Generation

    05/28/2013 Published by Neil
    How one evening of rapid, creative thinking at Philly Tech Week revealed ideation tactics worth considering for business and beyond.
  • Making Web Content Accessible to People with Disabilities

    04/17/2013 Published by Gavin
    Making electronic information accessible to those with disabilities involves fine-tuning interactive information with specific best-practice design and coding methodologies.
  • Social Media: Changing the Rules for ROI

    02/26/2013 Published by Chris
    Social media challenges long held traditions about ROI from online media. Many traditional measurements miss out on the true value of social media. Here are 5 ways to measure social media ROI that you may be missing.
    Social Web
  • Use Kinetic Type and Avoid the “Next Factor”

    02/22/2013 Published by Jeremie
    Advertising and marketing success is gauged on the impression you leave with your audience. Kinetic type is a simple creative solution that is often overlooked in B2B applications.
  • 2013 Social Media Resolutions

    01/21/2013 Published by Neil
    Upping your social media game in 2013 is easier than you might think. Here's a take on social media optimization for the new 365.
  • You’ve got one shot to get your message read - think Mobile First

    11/28/2012 Published by Jim
    Mobile First means that the mobile use case is taken into account first and foremost when developing any digital customer touch point. Adherence to this discipline translates to more streamlined messaging and, ultimately, more effective communications.
  • Ask and You Shall Receive: A Crowdsourcing Follow Up

    10/24/2012 Published by Neil
    Know what to ask for and you’ll get the most out of your crowdsourcing initiative.
  • The Yin and Yang of Content Marketing: Which One Are You Missing?

    09/28/2012 Published by Renee
    The secret ingredients for capitalizing on content marketing.
  • Crowdsource when Times are Good

    09/11/2012 Published by Neil
    It's a crowdsourced world. Be sure to enlist the people at the right time for optimal success.
  • The CEO Must Take Branding Back

    08/23/2012 Published by Chris
    Often, CEOs delegate branding decisions solely to the marketing department without taking an active role, instead tending to financial or operational affairs. In doing so, they risk committing one of the most underreported business blunders of our time.
  • Online Video: Not Just for the Right Brain Anymore.

    07/02/2012 Published by Jeremie
    The case for including video in your marketing strategy is no longer a right brain vs. left brain conundrum. The numbers are too compelling now.
  • Is it Really Time to Shut Down the Malls?

    05/21/2012 Published by Jim
    Although smartphones usage is growing and dynamically changing how we integrate mobile into the marketing plan, it does not suggest that retail is dead.
  • Siri puts a second S in SEO part 2

    04/27/2012 Published by Chris
    In part one of this series, we discussed the phenomenon of intelligent digital agents, and their significance in the future of our computing experience. In this second installment we’ll discuss ways to start incorporating mobile thinking into your SEO strategy. Tips on how to Optimize SEO for Siri: 1) Tailor Keywords and Metadata to Natural Language. Think about [...]
  • Direct Response Marketers can toss the Law of Diminishing Returns

    04/11/2012 Published by Jim
    With a very different approach to email development, print and direct mail creative methodology, marketing executives have much greater freedom to personalize offers, creative treatments, and marketing messages, all while reinventing their marketing program strategy with greater personalization.
  • Siri puts a second S in SEO part 1

    01/13/2012 Published by Chris
    Siri (Apple's new, intelligent personal assistant), and her inevitable descendants, have the potential to change how information is indexed and consumed, and we need to understand how to prepare for it.
  • Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Business?

    01/06/2012 Published by Mark
    Over the last few years many businesses have moved aspects of their business operations to cloud computing. It offers many advantages, including potential cost savings. However, there are also significant risks associated with cloud computing. So what are some of the factors that companies should be aware when evaluating cloud computing, and how do you mitigate the risks associated with it?
  • Getting to the Heart of Business Strategy

    12/13/2011 Published by Jennifer
    During a time when each monetary decision, especially in business, is more heavily scrutinized than the last, the creation of a strategic vision is of the utmost importance. Business strategy provides a methodology that should be used to effectively complete any project.
  • Re-examining Our Image of the Black Friday Shopper

    12/02/2011 Published by Renee
    We think today’s Black Friday Shopper is very different from what we saw on ABC and NBC News. She is a smart, mobile-savvy, well-researched consumer who seeks value based on real information and the opinions of the people and brands that she trusts. Let's take a look at the Real Black Friday Shopper.
  • Gamification & The Brussels Sprouts Dynamic

    11/22/2011 Published by Chris
    It’s a time tested solution to an age old problem: Make it fun and people are more likely to participate. Whether your goal is to get customers to use their loyalty cards more often, to visit your bricks and mortar locations, or simply to participate in your survey, applying the principles of gamification to your marketing programs may be a great way to generate lift.
  • Merchant Funded Rewards Programs Still Require Direct Response Fundamentals

    11/15/2011 Published by Josh
    Merchant funded loyalty programs are a growing loyalty strategy, enabling financial institutions to share the burden of loyalty program costs with merchants.
  • CMOs are taking a page from CTO and CIO playbook

    11/08/2011 Published by Todd
    With the latest economic news, CTOs and CIOs are once again seeking opportunities for short term cost savings. Outsourcing critical services to specialized vendors has been a favorite strategy of the CIO under pressure to reduce costs and improve service. Now CMOs are looking to steal a page from their business team rivals. Progressive [...]
  • Building brands through the social graph

    10/28/2011 Published by Edgar
    Brands that engage in a dialogue by listening, learning and participating are more likely to create a positive impact. Therefore, it is important that brands actively participate in dialogs throughout their social graph, leveraging the strength in their core message, feedback mechanisms, curating and distributing content, and visual expression as it applies across channels.
  • Information overload? Who wants pie?

    07/08/2011 Published by Holly
    They say that we only use about 10% of our brain. That’s just a myth, but regardless of the percentage, mine is at capacity today. It feels like that pink pie chart on your hard drive that shows “space available”—I can’t fit anymore in. And it’s not just me. People are on information overload, [...]
  • Customer Experience: The Other Side of Loyalty—Part 2

    07/01/2011 Published by Edgar
    Continuing from my last post on what true loyalty means, I would like to touch upon the topic of customer experience (CX) as a foundation for truly serving the customer.
  • The Importance of the Kingmaker

    06/22/2011 Published by Tom
    My father was one of the best story tellers I ever knew, legendary in some circles. When I was a child, he asked me, “Who has the most important job in the castle?” I answered “the king”. “No,” he said. “The king dies and his son becomes king. The most important job is the kingmaker.
  • Web 3.0: A Step Forward for Online Learning?

    06/14/2011 Published by Maria
    One of the main obstacles we encounter when beginning a new eLearning project at leading organizations is outdated infrastructure and equipment. We find ourselves (out of necessity) developing alternative approaches to what should be an intriguing, dynamic learning experience.
  • 5 User Experience Myths

    06/14/2011 Published by Kris
    Recently we submitted a webpage mockup to a client who responded, “will all my content fit above the fold?” No, we said, and that's okay. Here's why it's okay to flout that rule, and 4 other user experience mis-guidelines.
  • Making Online Advertising More Relevant to Customers

    05/19/2011 Published by Joe
    Web advertising has been evolving ever since companies started trying to generate sales online. As web users gain experience and their surfing habits evolve, advertisers must also change their habits to get attention and clicks with their ads.
  • Brevity Remains Best

    05/12/2011 Published by Gavin
    If I had more time, I would have written you a shorter blog post. That’s my twist on a famous quote credited to everyone from Mark Twain to Voltaire (replace “blog post” with “letter” for the original version). Regardless of who actually said it, the idea is sublimely important. It does require more effort to [...]
  • An Agile Approach to ERP Migration

    05/09/2011 Published by Paul
    While there are many different approaches to managing application development projects…. Agile development is an approach that emphasizes teamwork, collaboration and adaptability. This method can be a good choice for projects where flexibility and time-to-market are the primary considerations.
  • How Google Instant Preview Will Change Paid Search

    05/04/2011 Published by Jim
    The latest in Google’s ongoing series of innovations was announced last week with the launch of Google Ad Instant Preview. This extension of their innovation strategy enables searchers to preview the destination landing page to see if it has the information they’re looking for, and to do this before clicking on the ad.
  • Customer Experience: The Other Side of Loyalty

    04/18/2011 Published by Edgar
    In a 2010 study, Jupiter Research cited that 75 percent of American consumers belong to at least one loyalty program. These programs can promote brand consideration since consumers are always looking for ways to be rewarded for loyalty.
  • QR Codes: The Missing Link

    04/15/2011 Published by Chris
    You’ve probably seen a QR Code before but never took notice of those innocuous square barcodes that appear on everything from product packaging to movie cutouts. While QR Codes are close cousins to traditional barcodes, they are far more versatile to marketers. While you may already know what QR codes are, you may not have realized some of the fascinating ways they can be used.
  • Is the End of Breakage Near?

    03/30/2011 Published by Josh
    Let’s face it – we’re all participating in some sort of loyalty program in our daily lives. Some of us use our grocery store club card to get discounts or our Starbucks card, or our credit card for points for cash or free airline tickets.
  • Project Managers Combine New Planning Methodology and Project Based Staffing

    01/28/2011 Published by Tom
    In dynamic business environments, a new type of planning methodology is being deployed, and is being branded “Emergent Planning.”
  • Mobile App or Mobile Site?

    12/03/2010 Published by Edgar
    Each platform has distinct advantages but the decision may rest on content type.
  • Monitoring the Effectiveness of Your Applications

    11/22/2010 Published by Mark
    Analytics tools help web developers better understand site visitors and their needs leading to better web site designs.
  • Listening to The Consumer: Gap Misses the Mark

    11/01/2010 Published by Joe
    Gap, Inc., the apparel retailer, had established its logo through consistent usage over the past 20 years. Recently, Gap decided to try its luck with an updated logo and revealed the new creation on the Gap website without warning.  This move ignited spirited conversation within the online community, which responded with mostly harsh criticism of [...]
  • Google Instant: Raising the Bar on Search Engine Optimization

    09/15/2010 Published by Jim
    Late last week, Google introduced a new search technology that immediately changed organic search marketing. Google Instant is a major leap forward in predictive search functionality, going beyond suggesting search terms to streaming results as users enter each letter of their keywords. Google Instant allows users to search as they type; Marissa [...]
  • Monitoring the Health of Your Applications

    09/09/2010 Published by Mark
    Software development involves many different stages of development before the application is deployed. This process, however, does not end after deployment. Regardless of how well the application is designed, coded, and tested there are situations that can and do cause errors to occur in the application. For example, if the database server [...]
  • Selling Web Budgets

    09/10/2009 Published by Laurie
    Forrester recently identified “five mistakes to avoid when asking for Web customer experience funding,” certainly a good reminder. 1) Letting people think the current site is “good enough” 2) Being too vague about how they want to spend the money 3) Assuming positive ROI will be enough to get a request approved 4) Giving in to pressures to cut [...]
  • When you’re not a pet rock: Six qualitative research sins, Part 3

    07/16/2009 Published by Laurie
    We could spend hours discussing how this assumption has constrained market insight for products where attributes are neither readily changed by the manufacturer nor independent (health care is an excellent example). “Which is more efficacious, drug A or drug B?” is a red herring in any setting. What qualitative can tell us is:
  • Google to Allow Use of Trademarks in AdWords Text Ads

    05/20/2009 Published by Jim
    Google has announced a major shift in its policy on the use of trademarked names in paid search ad copy.  Beginning June 15th, advertisers will be allowed to use trademarked names in their ad text, with some restrictions. This change is causing concern among brand marketers. In the past, Google has barred advertisers from using trademarked [...]
  • When you’re not a pet rock: Six qualitative research sins, part 2

    04/22/2009 Published by Laurie
    A slightly different version of this article originally appeared in Quirk’s Research Review, May 2005, page 40. Part 2 in a 6-part series. The second sin, or ‘Presto!  Let there be quant.’ Under the illusion of “representativeness” noted in my previous post, researchers may bring quantitative instruments into the qualitative setting and report the aggregate (or [...]
  • Get maximum brand lift from widgets: Virtual gifts

    04/08/2009 Published by Michael
    This could be an entire series of articles unto itself, but virtual gifts are today’s “Too Good to be True” story for interactive marketers. The premise is utterly simple: Create a small icon that people can save somewhere on their social networking profiles. As simple as the concept sounds, sending people small icons is generally untracked as [...]
  • Get maximum brand lift from widgets: Micropayments

    03/18/2009 Published by Michael
    Here’s a look at a few ways your brand can take advantage of the users you’re currently not talking to. How much is your brand missing out by not employing a widget strategy? There’s no easy answer to that, but since comScore starting tracking an audience of close to 300 million users, most brand managers have [...]
  • Google’s entrée into behavioral marketing

    03/11/2009 Published by Jim
    Google announced today that they will begin a test of behavioral targeting through their AdSense network.  This will be a significant change in how advertisers can use Google to target a specific profile on sites other than its search page. To give you some background, AdSense is Google’s content network, where it places text and display [...]