Better solutions, collectively.

As a professional services firm delivering intelligent business solutions through marketing, design and technology, our collective approach sets us apart in how we work with our clients, and each other.


The future is here, and it’s fast and flexible.

Advancements in digital and technology have re-invented how business gets done. Traditional models have been replaced with fast, flexible, and intelligent solutions that come from everywhere—incorporating a mix of strategy, data, analytics and creativity in incredible ways.

That’s where we come in. Trellist offers strategy and execution in marketing and technology, through five inter-connected divisions: Branding and Marketing, Consulting, Digital, Enterprise Technology and Staffing.

And it’s anything but traditional, it’s moving business into the future.


Marketing and technology don't work in a vacuum.
And neither do we.

Our complimentary areas of expertise work together collectively, to create innovative solutions like nowhere else. Here's an example of our collective approach in action:

Business Challenge:
A consumer goods client wants to increase their online sales.

Trellist Consultants look at the entire business including the people and processes across the organization which will be impacted.

Result: There are no surprises or unexpected expenses later.

Business Challenge:
A consumer goods client wants to increase their online sales.

Trellist Enterprise Technology identifies and implements a technology solution to streamline the sales process, integrating the company's CRM, warehousing and ecommerce systems.

Result: The company saves hundreds of thousands of dollars in new found efficiencies.

Trellist Branding and Marketing ensures the user experience is a true reflection of the company's brand.

Result: The campaign creates a new level of loyalty and engagement with its customers.

Trellist Digital creates and executes an automated multi-channel media strategy to drive more traffic to the company’s site.

Result: More sales are converted and leads captured, with less time and money.

Trellist Staffing places resources at the client to train employees on the new technology and help manage the increased fulfillment needs.

Result: Client is rest assured that the launch will be a success, and didn’t have to grow its staff too quickly.


Industry Expertise

Helping clients meet their business challenges begins with an in-depth understanding of their industry. Trellist serves the following industries:

automotive & motorsports
Automotive Sports
Consumer Goods & Services
Financial Services
Financial Services
Health Care
Manufacturing & B2B
Manufacturing & B2B
Professional Services
Professional Services

Business & Structural Leadership

Trellist's mission to always be a leader in our field, respected within our community and utilized as a business partner because of our dedication to providing intelligent business solutions through innovation in marketing, design and technology is embodied by Trellist's senior leadership. Meet some of the team below.

David Atadan

David Atadan An entrepreneurial force in the Mid-Atlantic region, architect of the Trellist operating model and trusted consultant to our clients, David, Trellist's CEO, built the company from the ground up 20 years ago and is implementing the Trellist vision of a family of companies that includes sole and joint ventures as well as philanthropic endeavors.

Jie Yang

Jie Yang Leaning on 20+ years of IT Management experience, our co-founder Jie masterminds client technology strategies in collaboration with senior VPs and CEOs to help them increase profits while always delivering a memorable customer experience. Jie's passion for consulting on ecommerce, systems architecture and IT security is key to long-running partnerships with the world's leading brands.

John Emerick

John Emerick Operational excellence is John's forte, with more than 25 years of experience in engineering consulting, managing multi-million dollar budgets, and executing complex business strategies for international logistics organizations. In addition to his operational role, John consults clients on enterprise technology solutions.

Gavin Garrison

Gavin Garrison Responsible for marketing strategies that touch millions of customers worldwide every year, Gavin is on the forefront of fintech innovation and oversees activities related to Trellist's financial services client base. 

Todd Metzger

Todd Metzger An accomplished entrepreneur and business innovator, Todd brings over 20 years of diverse leadership and information technology experience to Trellist.  He currently directs our Staffing division and oversees our SharePoint technology solutions and services offering.

Regina Bevel

Regina Bevel A marketing executive and strategic leader with 2 decades of experience working with global financial brands, Regina inspires client confidence and ensures our branding, marketing and digital service offerings are in sync with market demand.

Pat Toman

Pat Toman Pat possesses three decades of creative and strategic consulting experience in our region and was one of the architects of Trellist's corporate evolution from a digital company to a leading and respected professional services firm.  


We're growing. Trellist is currently hiring the following positions:

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