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Trellist Marketing and Technology provides intelligent business solutions for global, national, and regional clients across various industries. The firm offers professional services through its five divisions: Consulting, Branding and Marketing, Digital, Enterprise Technology, and Staffing. Trellist and its five divisions utilize a unique collective approach which is built to serve its clients as well as the employees who share ownership in the company.

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Trellist Creates Teaser Video for Global Chemistry Company

Mar 22, 2017

A global chemistry company’s titanium dioxide business is launching a new venture, but had little collateral to gain traction with potential partners. Trellist was asked to develop a short, yet vibrant teaser video for the business to use in the sales process. The video was designed to be shown at the beginning of a prospective client presentation—to introduce the offering and illustrate its potential as market disrupting technology. Currently, Trellist is helping the business form its full value proposition and identify communication channels for their target audience.