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Trellist Marketing and Technology provides intelligent business solutions for global, national, and regional clients across various industries. The firm offers professional services through its five divisions: Consulting, Branding and Marketing, Digital, Enterprise Technology, and Staffing. Trellist and its five divisions utilize a unique collective approach which is built to serve its clients as well as the employees who share ownership in the company.

Trellist Executes Highly Scientific Concepts through 3D Video Technology

Trellist recently displayed its ability to distill and simplify complex scientific concepts by launching a 3D video sales tool for a global science company’s proprietary water treatment system. The firm converted computer-aided designs of the system into visually stimulating 3D animation and imagery that illustrate how the system works, its safety features, and ease of use and maintenance. Trellist also developed the highly technical script for the video based on the system’s operating manual and interviews with key stakeholders. The video will be used as a sales tool, at trade shows, and as a cost-effective alternative to bringing potential buyers to the company’s facilities to see the system in person. Trellist was awarded the project based on its video production and eLearning expertise and its successful, long-standing relationship with the company.
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Crowdsourcing Gets College Sports Fans Pumped for Bank’s Social Media Campaign

Trellist is developing a multi-channel social media campaign for one of the nation’s largest consumer banking institutions and the bank’s collegiate athletics partner, using crowdsourcing and hashtagging to nominate and promote individuals making a difference in the local fan community. The campaign will leverage multiple social media channels to drive sharing and voting. Winners will be recognized during an unforgettable in-stadium experience at next season’s home opener. Trellist is providing overall social media strategy, creative direction and execution, application development, and content creation for this high-profile social event. The bank chose Trellist for this campaign based on the firm’s extensive experience developing social media programs in the financial industry, its ability to heighten brand awareness through creative communications, and a long-standing history of providing the bank with results that exceed expectations.
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Trellist to Reposition Brand and Update Digital Presence for Information Management Solutions Company

A global information management solutions company has engaged Trellist to better position its corporate brand and unify its product websites onto one technical platform. Trellist will partner with key stakeholders to assess the company’s current position in the marketplace and make recommendations on how to best define and execute a stronger brand presence, including logo development, digital usage standards, visual identity guidelines, and brand voice. To better align the company’s disparate product websites, Trellist will develop a universal site architecture and page templates that optimize user experience and corporate synergy. The company has also enlisted Trellist to provide consulting services for content optimization, SEO, technical integration and testing, and platform launch. Trellist was selected for the engagement based on its experience working across brand strategy, design, and technical development in multiple business-to-business sales environments.
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Trellist Wins 2013 Superstars in Business Award from Delaware State Chamber of Commerce

Trellist has been selected as a winner of the 2013 Marvin S. Gilman Superstars in Business Award by the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce. The award honors businesses and non-profit organizations for their outstanding achievements and exemplary approach to business and management. Trellist was recognized for the award based on our unique business model, substantial growth, and guiding principles that define our philosophy, culture, operations, and company structure. Trellist and fellow Superstars in Business Award winners will be recognized at a ceremony on November 13 at the Hotel du Pont in Wilmington.
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Trellist-Developed App for Leading Bridal Retailer Makes International Debut

A leading bridal retailer recently launched its first-ever app at store locations throughout Canada and the United Kingdom. Designed and developed by Trellist, the app allows sales consultants to collaborate with customers and isolate gown and dress choices by filtering attributes such as collection, fabric, and color. Consultants using the app can also search for items by style number, provide accessory recommendations to customers, and reference a resource page featuring sizing charts. Trellist was selected to develop the app due to its longstanding, integrated relationship with the retailer, which includes successful e-marketing, online creative, and website maintenance programs.
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Trellist Starts Development of 15th Global SharePoint Site for Pharmaceutical Client

A leading pharmaceutical company has tasked Trellist with creating a new Microsoft SharePoint communication and collaboration portal to support a global brand team. Under its Agency Model, Trellist will be developing a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing user experience to ease the process of searching and accessing sensitive and timely information. Additionally, Trellist will make ongoing improvements to adjust to the brand team’s varying needs as each product moves through its patent lifecycle. Trellist was selected for this engagement based on the firm’s extensive past success in developing large-scale SharePoint sites for the client.
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