• CMOs are Taking a Page from CTO and CIO Playbook

    11.08.2011 by 
    • Todd Metzger
    With the latest economic news, CTOs and CIOs are once again seeking opportunities for short term cost savings. Outsourcing critical services to specialized vendors has been a favorite strategy of the CIO under pressure to reduce costs and improve service. Now CMOs are looking to steal a page from their business team rivals. Progressive [...]
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  • The Importance of the Kingmaker

    6.22.2011 by 
    • Tom Falgiano
    My father was one of the best story tellers I ever knew, legendary in some circles. When I was a child, he asked me, “Who has the most important job in the castle?” I answered “the king”. “No,” he said. “The king dies and his son becomes king. The most important job is the kingmaker.
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