• SharePoint as a Multimedia Communications Tool

    6.26.2018 by 
    • Todd Metzger
    SharePoint as a Multimedia Communications Tool
    It can seem like change is the only constant in today’s business environment. The pressures of globalization, technological innovation, and competition continually drive the need for transformation across the organization. Uncovering new business models, revamping and streamlining existing processes, and modernizing technology and infrastructure are the keys to surviving and thriving.
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  • Virtual Reality as a Live Event Marketing Tool

    6.13.2018 by 
    • Primus Poppiti
    Trellist example of virtual reality as an event marketing tool
    Virtual reality. The very phrase probably conjures up images of a futuristic, computer-driven landscape you might see in your favorite sci-fi movie. It’s less likely that you’d associate the next-gen tech with a disconcertingly up close, flea’s-eye view of carpet piles in your virtual living room. But that’s exactly what we built for a client who wanted to make an impact at an industry trade show The result? A booth packed all day with visitors itching for a chance to immerse themselves in the experience.
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