• Why Migrating to the Cloud Improves Website Performance

    11.17.2017 by 
    • Primus Poppiti
    • Nick Cohen
    cloud migration optimizing performance and marketing for eCommerce
    The beauty and promise of the cloud is its scalability, always-on availability, better security, and streamlined workflows for your team. However, the real value will never be realized without the right migration strategy, implementation, and ongoing optimization. Trellist can help you realize its promise for better performance and an unparalleled customer experience at a lower total costs of ownership.
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  • Innovating Loyalty Rewards with Wearable Tech

    12.21.2015 by 
    • Primus Poppiti
    It was only a matter of time until the trendy wearable tech we use to monitor our daily activities started to impact our shopping carts. Just as Philosopher Alain de Lille is quoted as saying that, “one thousand roads lead men forever to Rome,” so do one thousand Fitbits and Jawbones lead companies in the healthcare industry to better consumer insight data. In this case, though, the consumer is actually benefiting, and you can too.
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