• Setting the Foundations: Why Discovery Matters

    8.03.2017 by 
    • Marc Icasiano
    • Kris Kuss
    The case for a robust discovery process before beginning design/development projects: Imagine a house that’s beautiful from the outside but, once you cross the threshold, you find the floorplan is all wrong, the rooms are too small, and the windows are too high to reach. It takes time and thought to develop the layout and “experience” of those interiors so that they meet the expectations and needs of the people who enter. No matter how spectacular the exterior is, if the internal experience doesn’t deliver, the whole thing is a failure.
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  • 5 User Experience Myths

    6.14.2011 by 
    • Kris Kuss
    Recently we submitted a webpage mockup to a client who responded, “will all my content fit above the fold?” No, we said, and that's okay. Here's why it's okay to flout that rule, and 4 other user experience mis-guidelines.
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