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Success Stories:

Digital Marketing to Expand into the Next Frontier


A credit union well-versed in banking technology wanted to break into new markets. They needed a partner who could lead a new-age digital effort to expand into new territories without the need for expensive, traditional brick-and-mortar outposts.


The digital team at Trellist mobilized with a collaborative approach that included targeted digital and direct mail tactics to zero-in on tech savvy consumers. After the demographic was locked in, Trellist developed landing pages for various products that included A/B elements such as headline testing and paid text and display ads based off of relevant search terms.

Our solution incorporated the following services from our Digital, Consulting and Branding + Marketing divisions:

  • Digital Strategy and Analytics
  • Digital Media Planning and Execution
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Design
  • Marketing Communications Strategy and Development
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Consulting

Value Delivered

The success of the campaign was felt as the client began expansion in new markets specifically chosen by Trellist experts that fit within the identified demographic.  Even as the campaign progressed, Trellist monitored display ads and calls-to-action, making adjustments to optimize visibility and reach.  The successful digital marketing campaign increased traffic and the number of loan and product applications.

Digital Services

Trellist offers a wide variety of digital services across the customer lifecycle. Our team is passionate about this discipline and our work reflects the latest in device and emerging media technologies.


Trellist follows a cycle of research, creation, delivery and optimization. This drives our thinking and ensures that great is always the goal.

  • Digital Media
  • Mobile

  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Analytics and Reporting
  • Digital Media Planning and Execution
  • Social Business
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • User Experience
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development


Technology, Certifications And Partnerships

In addition to developing our own proprietary technology solutions, Trellist is trained and certified on the leading digital marketing and social media platforms, giving us the knowledge and flexibility to execute new strategies using existing tools. In many cases we are a preferred partner, offering skilled managed services for various technologies.

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Digital Leadership

Trellist's mission to always be a leader in our field, respected within our community and utilized as a business partner because of our dedication to providing intelligent business solutions through innovation in marketing, design and technology is embodied by Trellist's senior leadership. Meet some of the team below.

Strategic Leadership, Consulting and Account Services
Claire Concowich

Claire Concowich An innovative Strategic Consultant with direct technology expertise and a unique knowledge of marketing automation and social media management platforms, Claire works with clients in the manufacturing and financial services industries to develop impactful digital marketing and technology programs.

Project Management Leadership
Renee Cohen

Renee Cohen Savvy in both strategy and analytics, Renee helps clients harness their digital marketing potential with ROI-minded campaign planning and a keen understanding of customer needs in both B2C and B2B scenarios. Renee's work style is a prime example of our collective approach to client success.

Strategic Leadership, Digital and Mobile Services
Primus Poppiti

Primus Poppiti

Primus has over 25 years of experience in Information Technology. He has guided digital development teams and managed vendors for clients ranging from small startup companies to large corporations. At Trellist, Primus develops technical strategies and delivers customer-oriented solutions that drive tangible results for our clients.

John Emerick

John Emerick Operational excellence is John's forte, with more than 25 years of experience in engineering consulting, managing multi-million dollar budgets, and executing complex business strategies for international logistics organizations. In addition to his operational role, John consults clients on enterprise technology solutions.

Senior Partner, CTO, CIO
Jie Yang

Jie Yang Leaning on 20+ years of IT Management experience, our co-founder Jie masterminds client technology strategies in collaboration with senior VPs and CEOs to help them increase profits while always delivering a memorable customer experience. Jie's passion for consulting on ecommerce, systems architecture and IT security is key to long-running partnerships with the world's leading brands.

Strategic Leadership, Consulting and Account Services
Victoria Silow

Victoria Silow

A strategic digital marketing consultant with global B2C and B2B experience, Victoria manages transformational client engagements with a focus on eCommerce sales growth and integrated, data-driven marketing success.

Sr. Associate
Maria Gunther

Maria Gunther With a diverse professional background, including television production experience in Europe, Maria is a distinguished Strategic Consultant who brings the ideal balance of right brain creativity and left brain analysis together to help Trellist's enterprise clients achieve lasting success.

Sr. Associate
Neil Dougherty

Neil Dougherty A strategic consultant with 15 years of experience in politics and financial services, Neil currently leads Social Business at Trellist, architecting service offerings and solutions that help clients harness the power of social networks in their business strategy.


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