Moving business forward with strategy that’s actionable.

Having marketing and technology at our core gives us a deeper understanding of how business functions work together. So our solutions make sense for your entire organization, resulting in strategies that can be implemented to bring about real change.

Meet some of our consulting leadership

Consulting Services

Trellist implements business strategy and accelerates business goals through change management.


We bring a collective approach to your business, assembling an ideal team of thinkers and doers to develop actionable strategies – always taking into account the dynamics of your unique organization.

  • Business Strategy
  • Social Business Transformation
  • Learning Solutions

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Strategy Execution
  • Business and Financial Planning
  • Market and Competitive Landscape Assessment
  • Change Management
  • Curriculum Development and Instructional Design
  • Training and Learning Management Systems

Success Stories:

Learning Solutions to Keep Conductors on Track


Officials of a national passenger rail system were faced with a new set of federal safety regulations that needed to be disseminated to 2,500 conductors and other rail staff. If that was not challenging enough, “federal regulations” can often mean “dense legal language,” as well as “penalties for non-compliance.” 


Trellist developed a plan to boost the morale of the conductors in order to increase excitement around and adherence to the continuing education. The campaign featured actual company conductors in the photography, videos, supporting posters, and brochures and a streamlined booklet and DVD to make learning the new regulations digestible and intuitive.

Our solution incorporated the following services from our Consulting and Branding + Marketing divisions:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Training and Learning Management Systems
  • Curriculum Development and Instructional Design
  • Marketing Communications Strategy and Development
  • Traditional and Digital Design

Value Delivered

The educational program booklet and training DVD received overwhelmingly positive feedback from rail system conductors, supervisors, and the federal government. This success has made the campaign a template for employee communication across many industries moving forward.

Consulting Leadership

Trellist's mission to always be a leader in our field, respected within our community and utilized as a business partner because of our dedication to providing intelligent business solutions through innovation in marketing, design and technology is embodied by Trellist's senior leadership. Meet some of the team below.

Partner, Consulting & Account Services
Gavin Garrison

Gavin Garrison Responsible for marketing strategies that touch millions of customers worldwide every year, Gavin is on the forefront of fintech innovation and oversees activities related to Trellist's financial services client base. 

Sr. Associate
Maria Gunther

Maria Gunther With a diverse professional background, including television production experience in Europe, Maria is a distinguished Strategic Consultant who brings the ideal balance of right brain creativity and left brain analysis together to help Trellist's enterprise clients achieve lasting success.

Regina Bevel
Regina Bevel

Regina Bevel A marketing executive and strategic leader with 2 decades of experience working with global financial brands, Regina inspires client confidence and ensures our branding, marketing and digital service offerings are in sync with market demand.

Sr. Associate
Neil Dougherty

Neil Dougherty A strategic consultant with 15 years of experience in politics and financial services, Neil currently leads Social Business at Trellist, architecting service offerings and solutions that help clients harness the power of social networks in their business strategy.

Strategic Leadership, Consulting and Account Services
Claire Concowich

Claire Concowich An innovative Strategic Consultant with direct technology expertise and a unique knowledge of marketing automation and social media management platforms, Claire works with clients in the manufacturing and financial services industries to develop impactful digital marketing and technology programs.

Strategic Leadership, Project Management Services
Paul Immediato

Paul Immediato Over 25 years of enterprise technology and application experience puts Paul among the leading IT strategists and consultants in the region. His track record of successful technical project execution has benefitted clients in financial services, consumer goods, automotive, health care and life sciences industries. Paul also develops best practices for Project Management at Trellist.

Strategic Leadership, Marketing and Communications Services
Holly Lee

Holly Lee After tenures with some of the world's leading advertising agencies, Holly joined Trellist as a Strategic Consultant and now leads marketing communications strategy and execution across all clients, acting as chief author and guardian of brand voice and messaging.

Strategic Leadership, Consulting and Account Services
Victoria Silow

Victoria Silow

A strategic digital marketing consultant with global B2C and B2B experience, Victoria manages transformational client engagements with a focus on eCommerce sales growth and integrated, data-driven marketing success.

Todd Metzger

Todd Metzger An accomplished entrepreneur and business innovator, Todd brings over 20 years of diverse leadership and information technology experience to Trellist.  He currently directs our Staffing division and oversees our SharePoint technology solutions and services offering.

Strategic Leadership, Corporate Infrastructure Services
Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen A technology consultant with postgraduate degrees from Harvard University and Boston College respectively, Nick is responsible for the direction and execution of Trellist's IT needs and serves as the go-to for assessing and vetting IT trends and offerings for client engagements. 

John Emerick

John Emerick Operational excellence is John's forte, with more than 25 years of experience in engineering consulting, managing multi-million dollar budgets, and executing complex business strategies for international logistics organizations. In addition to his operational role, John consults clients on enterprise technology solutions.

Senior Partner, CTO, CIO
Jie Yang

Jie Yang Leaning on 20+ years of IT Management experience, our co-founder Jie masterminds client technology strategies in collaboration with senior VPs and CEOs to help them increase profits while always delivering a memorable customer experience. Jie's passion for consulting on ecommerce, systems architecture and IT security is key to long-running partnerships with the world's leading brands.

David Atadan, Founder and CEO
David Atadan

David Atadan An entrepreneurial force in the Mid-Atlantic region, architect of the Trellist operating model and trusted consultant to our clients, David, Trellist's CEO, built the company from the ground up 20 years ago and is implementing the Trellist vision of a family of companies that includes sole and joint ventures as well as philanthropic endeavors.


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