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Clients will tell you that they work with us, time and again, because we understand their business, really well. We’re immersed, so we know what it takes to move people. At the same time, our clients are involved in the creative process, collaborating as partners. Because of this, you don’t get big creative reveals (or the big egos that come with them) just big results and creative solutions that are right for your business.

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Success Stories:

A Fresh Brand Sparks Excitement


With their 50th anniversary approaching, a national distributor of electrical equipment decided it was time for a facelift. For five decades the firm had focused on customer service, but they hadn’t given much thought to their brand, or how they could leverage its equity to drive sales.   


Trellist performed a brand assessment. And after establishing a clear picture of the current industry landscape and where the client was situated within it, the team developed a brand platform, including positioning, a brand promise, elevator pitches, and core brand messaging— giving stakeholders and employees key messages to deliver to current and prospective customers alike.

In addition to the platform, the team designed a new logo and tagline, along with a roll-out plan for internal and external audiences.

Our solution incorporated the following services from our Consulting and Branding + Marketing divisions:

  • Brand Development and Execution
  • Brand Strategy
  • Traditional and Digital Design
  • Marketing Communications Strategy and Development
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Strategy Execution and Implementation
  • Change Management

Value Delivered

The brand refresh and all aspects of the roll-out were well-received by stakeholders and employees, who feel confident in being stewards of the updated brand. The brand platform resonated with employees and new customers, the new logo and tagline energized the masses. Since the initial engagement, the electrical distributor has won two awards for its rebranding efforts, and attributes much of its newfound success in the market to its cohesive new brand identity.

Branding + Marketing Services

Every day, we’re busy architecting plans to build lasting brand equity through engaging stories and experiences. Our team of strategists, analysts, designers, writers and social business professionals work collaboratively with your subject matter experts to deliver a variety of services and solutions aligned with your business goals.


We take a balanced approach to every branding and marketing engagement, putting value on data and performance metrics while also exploring the emotional cues that impact customer decisions and brand loyalty.

  • Marketing and Media
  • Branding and Design
  • Content and Communications

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Development and Execution
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Market Research/Insight Development
  • Traditional and Digital Design
  • Traditional and Digital Media Planning and Execution
  • Marketing Communications Strategy and Development
  • Corporate Communications and Public Relations
  • Content Strategy, Curation and Creation


Measurement Matters

Measuring branding and marketing success – and optimizing based on the results – is a critical area of your business and a valuable service Trellist provides. We’ll help you plan for and reach an acceptable level of ROI in your activities.

measurement matters diagram

Measure What’s Important to You

Every brand is different. So too is every metrics program. We’ll help you identify the things that are important to you, whether they’re based on concrete numbers or intangibles like company values.

Measure for Ease of Use

We help develop metrics that paint a clear picture without being over-complicated.

Measure for Consistency

Data is only powerful when it’s consistent. We help you identify the streams that can be replicated on a regular basis for maximum effectiveness.

Branding+Marketing Leadership

Trellist's mission to always be a leader in our field, respected within our community and utilized as a business partner because of our dedication to providing intelligent business solutions through innovation in marketing, design and technology is embodied by Trellist's senior leadership. Meet some of the team below.

Sr. Associate
Neil Dougherty

Neil Dougherty A strategic consultant with 15 years of experience in politics and financial services, Neil currently leads Social Business at Trellist, architecting service offerings and solutions that help clients harness the power of social networks in their business strategy.

Partner, Consulting & Account Services
Gavin Garrison

Gavin Garrison Responsible for marketing strategies that touch millions of customers worldwide every year, Gavin is on the forefront of fintech innovation and oversees activities related to Trellist's financial services client base. 

Strategic Leadership, Consulting and Account Services
Victoria Silow

Victoria Silow

A strategic digital marketing consultant with global B2C and B2B experience, Victoria manages transformational client engagements with a focus on eCommerce sales growth and integrated, data-driven marketing success.

Strategic Leadership, Marketing and Communications Services
Holly Lee

Holly Lee After tenures with some of the world's leading advertising agencies, Holly joined Trellist as a Strategic Consultant and now leads marketing communications strategy and execution across all clients, acting as chief author and guardian of brand voice and messaging.

Creative Design Leadership
Marc Icasiano

Marc Icasiano A creative lead at Trellist, and a professional with more than 20 years of experience in graphic design and creative direction, Marc helps to define and communicate brand attributes and offerings for Trellist clients across multiple industries.

Strategic Leadership, Marketing and Research Services
Jim Auer

Jim Auer Jim leverages his proven skills in brand, campaign strategy, paid search, display, video, email, print, out-of-home, and broadcast advertising to benefit marquee client engagements in health care and life sciences. 

Strategic Leadership, Consulting and Account Services
Claire Concowich

Claire Concowich An innovative Strategic Consultant with direct technology expertise and a unique knowledge of marketing automation and social media management platforms, Claire works with clients in the manufacturing and financial services industries to develop impactful digital marketing and technology programs.

Project Management Leadership
Renee Cohen

Renee Cohen Savvy in both strategy and analytics, Renee helps clients harness their digital marketing potential with ROI-minded campaign planning and a keen understanding of customer needs in both B2C and B2B scenarios. Renee's work style is a prime example of our collective approach to client success.


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